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by Luke Setzer

As you likely know, the American Automobile Association (AAA) is a widely recognized and respected travel club. This private business serves a multitude of drivers around the nation by providing towing and travel services for a flat annual fee. Unfortunately, its leaders also advocate some very un-libertarian legislative policies such as mandatory seat belt and motorcycle helmet law enforcement. This page encourages the reader to write AAA to

  1. protest their anti-freedom agenda
  2. propose an alternative agenda to satisfy intention of lowering costs for drivers

Here is a sample letter to get you started.

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AAA Letters to the Editor
Attn: Diane Weiss
P.O. Box 31087
Tampa FL 33631

Dear Ms. Weiss:

Without a doubt, AAA should immediately do an about-face on its legislative policy and end its support of the forced use of seat belts and motorcycle helmets. The AAA is not addressing the root cause of the so-called "high social costs" of accidents involving unprotected persons.

The problem with loss of health and life would be individual problems and not 'social' problems if not for the Marxist-style collectivism that mars our nation today. Public hospitals, heavily regulated insurance industries, and other government meddlings have totally bollixed the system.

The root cause of all these "social costs" is the aforementioned government compulsion. The problem is not the lack of laws, but the overabundance of them. Without such laws, the medical costs would be individual problems, not social problems.

The AAA should instead advocate alterations in insurance and tort law that would decrease benefit payouts to those who fail to use such protections as seat belts and motorcycle helmets.

Please give these concepts some serious thought. I honestly believe that if you think this issue through to the hard essentials, you will see the logic and clarity of this philosophy. When you do, I hope you will share these ideas with the legislative policy makers at AAA.

For more information on this self-responsible philosophy of living, visit the Libertarian Party web site at http://www.lp.org/lp/.




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