Hackers and Taxers
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by Richard Hall

Here are two questions from the Libertarian Party. The first will be easy to answer. The second will take longer.

Start with a hypothetical situation where a group of computer hackers manage to transfer funds from hundreds of bank accounts, including your own, at the rate of only $10 per month, into their own account.  After 6 months, the culprits are finally discovered and held by authorities.

Question #1: What punishments would you consider to be appropriate?

Jail the hackers for 10 years?
Fine the hackers to the extent of $1,000 per victim?
Give the bank presidents and vice presidents Chinese water torture for one month?
Fine the banks to the extent of $ 1,000 per victim?
All of the above?

No doubt the angered majority opinion would be "All of the above", and more, if possible.  Your ire would be justified.

Question #2: Why don't you demonstrate equal or more heated anger when the government removes vastly larger amounts from your paychecks, pensions, investment accounts and other income sources? The only difference is that you are aware of the removal of funds by the government, but it is forced removal, whether you like it or not, and spent at the discretion of politicians and bureaucrats, leaving you with no assurance whatsoever of ever getting any of it back. Let's think again about the "vastly larger amounts". These are not paltry $10 removals, but in the thousands of dollars. All told, the government takes in taxes 35.4% of the gross income from the average family, or $17,700 from a family earning $50,000. This includes all taxes at all levels of government.

Why does this not bother you at all? Why you are content to do nothing at all about this supposedly legal taking of your money? Why are you so docile and compliant?  You can't like it! If you answer, "Because I receive government services", please add up the value of services received versus taxes paid. This won't fly. Try again. Or is it because you believe you can't do anything about it? Now that's where you're wrong. You underestimate yourself. You can join and support the Libertarian Party - BUT FIRST YOU MUST KNOW WHAT THE PARTY STANDS FOR.


vastly reduced spending and size of government
elimination of foreign aid
elimination of the income tax
return all American troops to America
privatize Social Security and Medicare
return control of education from government and teachers to the parents
remove from our lives the heavy hand of government force and regulation

It's called LIBERTY!

The "REPUBLICRATS" are obviously incapable of reducing spending and oppressive taxation. On the contrary, government THEFT continues to increase. If that's what you like, continue to vote for them, and enjoy your ride to socialism. But if you are tired of outrageous taxation, regulation and intrusion, lend an ear to the Libertarian message.


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