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There is a country in the middle east where the leader represents his people. As the representative of the people, the leader administrates the sale of the countries resources. The resources, being public property, belong to the people. The resources are sold at fair market value. The leader gets the standard 6% commission for being the agent. The rest of the money is divided by the number of legal citizens of the country and each citizen is sent a check for their share of the sale of the countries resources.

In America, our leaders represent themselves and their special interest at the expense of the people. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the handling of our natural resources. Our countries resources are sold to the special interests for pennies on the dollar of fair market value. This money goes into the till for the politicians spoon out to their own special interests. The people do not even get a statement accounting for the sale of their resources.

If our resources were sold at fair market value, how much lower would our tax burden be?
If our resources were sold at fair market value, could we use the revenue to pay down the national debt?

The fact that our resources are sold way below fair market value is proof that our politicians are representing their special interests to the detriment of the people.


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