Bring Back Sheriff Jake Miller!
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The new sheriff is a money waster. He had the support of the police because he would give them more of the taxpayers' money. Jake Miller would not waste the taxpayers' money. The new sheriff is now asking for more taxpayer money because he claims he is unable to manage the police department as well as Jake Miller did!

As I hear it, the police union wanted to be paid overtime (time and a half) just to come and walk the K-9s. The custodians that cared for the kennels were walking the K-9s. With the old plan, the K-9s got their walks and it did not cost the taxpayers as much. The police officers' union campaigned for the new sheriff because Sheriff Jake Miller would not spend overtime of an officer's salary to do a job that was being done at a custodian's salary. Sheriff Jake Miller would not waste the taxpayer's money.

The police wanted more taxpayer money wasted on themselves. The police officers developed moral problems and campaigned for a new sheriff who would use the taxpayers' money to buy their support. The campaigning of the police officers won the election for the new sheriff. Now the new sheriff must deliver the taxpayer money to pay for the votes that the police campaigning brought. After spending more than four times what it should take to walk the K-9s, the new sheriff wants even more money. The more he can take from the taxpayers and deliver to the union, the more they will support him.

Our County Commissioners would rather ask us to pay 5% more taxes than tell the new sheriff to manage within the existing budget. The County Commissioners would even spend $234,000 of the taxpayers' dollars just to ask us to pay $4.6 million more per year. It would cost nothing to tell the new Sheriff to manage within the budget that Jake Miller would have. The new Sheriff and the County Commissioners would rather waste more money than manage the taxpayers' money responsibly.

Together, the County Commissioners and the new Sheriff plan on asking for $4.6 million per year more to spend as political payoffs for campaign support. We, the taxpayers, should recognize that they are wasting our tax dollars as part of their political payoff.

Insist on better management, not higher taxes!

Do you, the taxpayer, really want your property taxes to go up 5% so the new sheriff can make higher political payoffs with your tax dollars? Would you rather have your political representatives, the County Commissioners, suggest the new Sheriff manage on behalf of the citizens of the county as Jake Miller proved able to do?

Asking for a special election for $4.6 million per year indicates that the new Sheriff must be a horrible manager. Don't the County Commissioners remember that the taxpayers voted down more money for the education department when it spent all its money and still did not do the job it was supposed to have done with the money? Why waste $234,000 of taxpayers' money so bad management can continue? Spendthrifts who make non-frugal appropriations should not be rewarded with more money to waste. The taxpayers should not have to pick up the slack caused by wasteful management.

If the new Sheriff wants to make political payoffs to those who campaigned for him, then let him do it with his own money! If the County Commissioners and the new Sheriff will not manage responsibly on behalf of the taxpayers, we must remember to vote them out of office. The police budget is plenty big for the needs of the county. Make the new Sheriff buy his votes with his own money, not with higher taxes.

Insist on better management, not higher taxes!

More taxes and more bad management? Just say NO!


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