Term Limits
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by Richard Hall

Did you know that:

the budget that funds Congress $3 billion in 1996?
this amounts to over $5.6 million per congressperson?
this budget item has grown more than three times faster than the cost of living over the past thirty years?
this generous budget provides incumbent congresspersons with the following advantages over any and all potential opponents, which explains why the incumbent re-election rate is well over 90%?
free offices in Washington, DC plus permanent and mobile offices in their districts
an average staff of 22 per congressperson, primarily for "constituent services"
unlimited trips to and from their districts or states
unlimited phone calls by congresspersons and their staff
free use of the mails via the franking privilege for what amounts to one million pieces of mail per year
free professional advice on selection of the most effective mail database
free production of audio and video "infomercial" tapes on incumbents for distribution to electronic media and others
free incumbent "infomercial" listing on the Internet
plus all of the other "no charge" incumbent benefits, such as ready access to the media and public facilities, as well as being recipients of plaudits arising from the "pork barrel"
all of these benefits are in place because the incumbents voted them into place!

The Libertarians will change this!  The "Republicrats" have not, and will not!

The Libertarians firmly support term limits!  The "Republicrats" have not, and do not!


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