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Executive Committee Responsibilities

  1. Speaker list in and out of Florida
  2. Keep a current list of all available speakers, range of topics for each, where they are located, if they will travel, and their fee (if any)
  3. Keep a current list of Florida Libertarians willing to speak to non-libertarian groups
  4. Respond immediately with said information to those requesting a speaker
  5. Coordinate all special functions
  6. Current speaker information must be communicated to state LPF Events Director


Beyond "Education Reform"
Daytona CRC Hearing OPH Booth
HempFest 1998 OPH Booth
Melbourne Independence Day Parade 1998


  1. Project: Host a Monthly Social
    1. Agree to host a social gathering of local Libertarians the last Saturday of the month of your choice
    2. Provide to ExComm (407-255-2105) the following information by the 10th of the preceding month:
      1. Your name, address, telephone number, and meeting start time
      2. Map to location of social
    3. At time of social, provide the following items:
      1. All necessary plastic spoons, forks, knives, glasses, and paper plates
      2. Ice and ice chests to store drinks
    4. Guests will be expected to provide the following:
      1. Covered food dish
      2. Beverages of their choice
      3. Courtesy RSVP
  2. Project: Organize an Adopt-A-Road Session
    1. Call Florida Department of Transportation (FL DOT) Adopt-A-Road office at 407-690-3250 to negotiate date and reserve equipment
    2. Submit Adopt-A-Road date and info for calendar publication
    3. Call list of Adopt-A-Road volunteers to get commitments
    4. Visit FL DOT on Friday afternoon to load equipment into truck or van
    5. Set up equipment, brief volunteers, collect and bag litter, break down equipment
    6. Visit FL DOT on Monday morning to return equipment via truck or van
  3. Project: Organize an OPH Booth
    1. Determine a potential location or event at which to set up an OPH booth
      1. If you have a potential location or event, then contact the persons responsible
      2. Otherwise, obtain the list of potential OPH locations from the Chair or Secretary
    2. Call the event organizer and ask the following questions:
      1. What dates are available?
      2. What time is the event open to the public?
      3. Is there any charge for operating a booth or table?
      4. Do we need to provide our own table?
      5. What time can we begin setup?
      6. How will the booth workers be admitted to the event?
    3. Submit information to newsletter editor for calendar publication
    4. Call OPH volunteers about OPH date, time, and location, and ask when they can help.   Ideally, have booth manned by two volunteers at a time, each volunteer working a two-hour shift
    5. Using volunteer-provided info, make a schedule for booth operators
    6. Call event organizer and confirm booth reservation, providing volunteer schedule as required
    7. Call volunteers and let them know when they are scheduled
    8. Provide volunteer schedule to Chair so he can deliver OPH materials to those setting up the booth


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