Amend Constitution with NOTA
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by Ross Nordeen

[This letter appeared in Florida Today on August 18, 1996]

Although I'm sure you disagree greatly with many Libertarian Party positions, you could at least have mentioned them. After all, it is the only party that fully endorses the NOTA [None Of The Above] option as part of its party platform.

Why not have it on the ballot? That way voters could show their active dislike for all of candidates, rather than have their absence be dismissed as citizen apathy.

A constitutional amendment requiring NOTA on all ballots would empower the voters who feel that none of the current candidates are worthy of the office they seek. The amendment could specify that if NOTA won a majority, another election would be held with new candidates. Perhaps the office would even go unfilled until the next election cycle.

The bottom line is that voters need real choices, not just Bill Clinton and Bob Dole.

In that light, I hope that Ralph Nader gets on the ballot in every state, even though I already know that I'm voting for Harry Browne, the Libertarian candidate.


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