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by John O. Dennis

[This letter appeared in Florida Today on Friday, August 1, 1997]

When government is restrained, as it is supposed to be under the Constitution, the people enjoy the freedom that allows a middle class to develop and grow. Nowhere in all history has the growth of a middle class been more evident than in our nation.

Upward mobility has always been a common factor in the United States. Yesterday's poorer class becomes today's middle class. The opportunity exists for those in the middle class to become part of the upper class through hard and honest work.

A thriving middle class is the backbone of any worthwhile civilization. But in America, once noted for its large and vibrant middle class, this middle class is slowly being crushed under the weight of too much government.

Hardly a day goes by without some new government edict. If it isn't a tax, it's a regulation, and if it isn't a regulation, it's a bureaucratic decree. If it doesn't come from Washington, it comes when the state or municipal government is forced to bow to some federal regulation. Americans slowly are losing the ability to become and maintain a strong, vibrant middle class.

Because of continuing taxation and the inability of people to keep that which they earned, one spouse works to provide for the family's needs while the other works to pay the taxes. This sad situation has led to the widespread breakdown of the family life as we once knew it.

What this country needs is a return to government as outlined in our Constitution. We need less government, not more. Let your representatives know that we will no longer tolerate our slow demise that will result in the destruction of our way of life, once the envy of the entire world.


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