Child Care Funding Is "Immoral"
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by Luke Setzer

[This letter appeared in Florida Today on January 16, 1998]

Clinton's proposed federal child care funding is immoral, and I encourage our Florida representatives to vote against any such legislation.

Government has no place whatsoever in child-rearing. Government at all levels has meddled for decades in children's upbringing through public education and welfare, yet problems with children continue to escalate. Drug use, gang warfare, and pregnancies among youth appear at an all-time high. I contend that government helped to spawn these problems by subverting traditional family values via subsidies and publicly funded education.

Why bother abstaining from sex when the almighty government will pick up the tab for abortions, births, child-rearing, education, and other perks? Of course, all these subsidies cost money, which has to be snatched from the pockets of working people, thus making their lives harder to the point that they finally have to rely on government handouts as well.

The right solution is a complete reduction of government to get it out of the nanny business and down to its proper role, which is to protect individuals from physical force, threat of physical force, and fraud. No other proper role for government exists.


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