Do You Prefer Involuntary Socialism?
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by Tracy King

[This letter appeared in Florida Today on June 29, 1998]

In response to the June 19 letter, "Government Should Save Public Schools," balderdash!  That's like telling a drowning person to save himself.

Does the writer know that government already runs public schools, and has been "saving" public schools for about 160 years?  Government was supposed to keep hands off religion.  So what does government do?  In the name of "education", it has stealthily established its own religion and compels every family to bow down and submit to it.  Its dogmas cover every aspect of culture.

The religion referred to in the Constitution has become historical, a relic no longer viable under the complicated separations by the courts.  What we are getting is a government-sponsored religion.  This public school mess, while devouring about 40 percent of all the taxes we pay, is teaching us a lesson.

When government establishes a cookie jar that everybody must buy into, when everybody must satisfy their needs out of that cookie jar, when disputes arise over what those needs are, when disputes cause removal of more and more needed items, after a while, the buyers want to take their money and go shopping elsewhere.

Which brings up the big question: Which socialism would you prefer: voluntary or involuntary?  One lets you do as you please.  The other enslaves you.


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