What's Wrong with Language Law
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by Richard Hall

[This letter was published in Florida Today on July 3, 1998]

Readers should not miss the humor and the political message contained in an obscure article in Jim Fox's June 28 "Canadian Report" titled "Easing Crackdown".

You see, the French Canadians, having a paranoid fear that their language will somehow be devoured or destroyed by the English language, have created a law requiring the featured use of French whenever a language is necessary, including its use on business signs.

But a problem arises when the law is applied to the Chinese language in Montreal's Chinatown, and I think that's funny when I picture the Quebec "language police" trying to enforce their intrusive and idiotic laws under such circumstances.

How do you say "moo goo gai pan" in French?

So what do the Quebec authorities do, but order a temporary easing of their language crackdown only in Montreal's Chinatown.  This has prompted me to create a soon-to-be-proclaimed quotation: "Whenever the police are told to 'ease their crackdown' on a law, there is something wrong with that law."


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