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by Ilene Davis

[This letter appeared in Florida Today on September 24, 1998]

I had to chuckle when I read the recent guest column from Titusville City Manager Sam Ackley--particularly when he talks about the citizens voting for the public safety referendum of their own free choice.

Funny that he didn't tell about the claims the city made in its video about the fact that when they stated the police/fire facilities were the most critical infrastructure need in the city, that there was no study, no evidence and no comparisons, to back that claim. Nor did he tell that one rea- son many voters voted for the referendum is that they hadn't been told all the facts.

In fact, very vital information was withheld from the public because, in Ackley's own words, "if the voters had known all the facts, they wouldn't have voted for the referendum."

As to his claim about superior service, I challenge anyone to drive the roads of Titusville, particularly major arteries like Hopkins, Harrison, Barna and Sisson and tell me taxpayers have been getting value for their tax dollars.


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