Standing Rules
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Article I - Membership

Section 1.

All LPB members must be registered as a voter in Brevard County, or an adjacent county. The Executive Committee may approve a waiver of this section by a two-thirds vote if special circumstances warrant it.

Section 2.

Members have the privilege of delegate voting at the Annual Business
Meeting and the right of appointment to committees. Members who are also
registered Libertarians may be nominated and elected to party office.

Section 3.

Membership shall be issued annually from May to May. This membership shall be credentials for all meetings and Annual Business Meetings of the LPB.

Section 4.

All members are required to have a signed application on file with the Secretary. All members may vote at the Annual Business Meeting.

Section 5.

The cost of an LPB membership shall be as follows:

$24 per year, prorated at $2 per month to complete the May to May membership cycle.

Article II - Donations

Donations should be made to LPB in keeping with the laws governing donations to political parties and candidates. Such funds shall be expended at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Article III - Executive Committee Meetings.

Section 1.

The Executive Committee shall meet at such time and place as directed by the Chair or at the written request of one-third or more of the Executive Committee. Notice shall be given in such a manner to ensure a quorum.

Section 2.

The Executive Committee may, without meeting, conduct business by communication, voting on questions put to them by or with the approval of the Chair. Such vote shall be kept by the Secretary until the next meeting and then such vote shall be incorporated into the minutes. A majority vote of the committee shall prevail. If a majority of affirmative votes is not recorded within fifteen (15) days, the question will have failed to pass.

Section 3.

Proxy voting shall not be allowed, but members can vote on specific questions by written notice. Voting by telephone can be conducted if no objection is raised.

Section 4.

Unexcused nonattendance of an Executive Committee member at three (3) Executive Committee meetings per term or two (2) consecutive Executive Committee meetings may result in suspension.

Section 5.

The immediate past Chair shall serve on the Executive Committee and be entitled to all due notice, but shall not have the right to vote unless entitled to vote because of election to another Executive committee position.

Article IV - Policy.

Section 1. Resolutions to LPF

The LPB may adopt resolutions to present to the Libertarian Party of Florida convention.

Section 2. Supplemental Platform

A supplemental party platform for Brevard County politics may be adopted at any Annual Business Meeting.

Article V - Annual Business Meeting (ABM)

Section 1. Management

The Executive Committee shall manage all ABMs.

Section 2. Agenda

Any member may request the Executive Committee to include on the agenda any item. Such a request shall be in writing to the Chair thirty (30) days prior to the ABM, or within seven (7) days following the announced date and place of the ABM, whichever is closest to the ABM date.

The Agenda must include all items required by the By-Laws and Standing Rules.

Section 3. Meeting Date

The ABM shall be held in June.

Section 4. Motions

Motions to be offered in the ABM should be reduced to writing, signed by the maker and seconded, and filed with the Secretary; except for routine matters, agenda items or short wording, or with leave of the Chair to omit written motions.

Section 5. Minutes

The ABM minutes (after approval by the Executive Committee) as well as any Committee Reports to the ABM, including amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws, shall be published within 60 days after the ABM.

Article VI – General Meetings

Section 1. Monthly Meetings

The Executive Committee may call monthly meetings of the LPB. The format of the monthly meetings will be determined by the Executive Committee.

Section 2. Special Meetings

The Executive Committee may call special meetings of the LPB. The format of the special meetings will be determined by the Executive Committee.

Article VII - Adoption and Amendments

Section 1. Adoption

Adoption of the Standing Rules will be consistent with the adoption of the Constitution.

Section 2. Amendment

The Standing Rules may be changed by a majority vote of the delegates to the Annual Business Meeting or by two-thirds vote of the Executive Committee.



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