Libertarian Links

Advocates for Self Government
James Madison Institute
Libertarian Party of Florida
Libertarians for Life
Liberty Library
National Libertarian Party

Local Government

Brevard County Charter
Brevard County Court System
Brevard County Elected Officials
Brevard County Home Page
Brevard County Political Advertisement Posting Rules
Brevard County Political Parties
Brevard County Schoolboard
Congress Action
Congressional Quarterly
League of Conservative Voters Environmental Scorecard

Local Libertarian-Leaning Organizations

Ax the Tax
Brevard Home Rule

Brevard Insider
Central Florida Naturists
Citizens for Constitutional Property Rights
Florida Citizens for a Sound Economy
Floridians for Medical (Marijuana) Rights
Florida Parent (Homeschoolers) Educators Association
Florida Tax Cap Committee
Mike's Corner (for Gun Rights)
National Sexual Rights Council
Ross Nordeen's Home Page
Space Coast Objectivism Promoters and Explorers

Sites That Link to Us

Focus on Brevard


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