Manatees: The Final Solution
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Manatees have a hard time trying to survive. The politicians are leading the environmentalists on a wild goose chase and both groups are not sufficiently addressing the true culprit that is responsible for the destruction of the manatee.

Our environment is polluted. Ever since the mosquito ditches have been dug the marine environment has produced less and less. The runoff has dumped too much fresh water into the estuary at times. The run off has also deposited sediments into the estuary. These sediments block sunlight and suffocate the bottom. Today most of the river bottom is suffocated by polluting sediments.

The politicians are beginning to say they wish to stop adding more sediments to the estuary. This will keep more area from becoming suffocated. This will not cause the already suffocated areas to be able to breathe again. For the suffocated areas to breathe again you must remove the sediment that is suffocating them.

With most of the estuary suffocating from runoff sediments, there is less than half the manatee food being produced than there once was. With less than half the food, there can only be less than half the number of manatees. As the estuary continues to be the dumping ground of our runoff there will be less and less everything. If all boating were banned there would still be fewer manatees because the real cause of their demise is not boaters, but the destruction of their environment and their food sources.

To save the manatees, we may need to freeze them all so we can thaw them out and return them to the environment in the future after we have stopped polluting their environment and have also cleaned it up so they can survive in it. As a backup plan, we should start freezing tissue samples of the ones that die so they can be cloned and released after we have cleaned up the environment.

With progress continuing as it is, the environment of the manatees will likely be so extensively polluted that the manatee population will not be able to survive the worst of it. The last manatee will likely die before we decide to quit polluting and begin to clean up more than we pollute.

Right now there is too much big business money going under the table to the established politicians to allow the pollution to continue. There is only a small amount of tax dollars for clean up. As we know the establishment does what pays them the most under the table rather than what is in the best interests of the people that they represent. We will not be able to clean the estuary environment until after we clean up our political environment. In the meantime, we may have to freeze the manatees until the environment is clean enough for them to survive.


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