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First published in the November 1998 issue of the national Libertarian Party News

If you are not yet a member of the Libertarian Party, there is no better time to join than now, said the party's National Director, Steve Dasbach.

"As we head into the November elections, we've got more than 825 candidates on the ballot, offering a real choice for the voters," he said. "Libertarians are hard at work building a political party to challenge the failures of the big-government Republicans and Democrats. But we need your help to succeed."

Here's why you should join, he said...

1. We're the only party that wants to empower you--not politicians. "We want to return your money to you; we want to put your family's future back in your hands; we want to put your life back in your control," he said.

2. We're the only party that defends your personal and economic liberty on every issue. "The Republicans are trying to legislate your morality; the Democrats are trying to spend your money. Only the Libertarian Party is trying to stop them both," he noted.

3. We're the tolerance party. "Even though we may not approve of the choices other people make, we defend their right to make them as long as they alone bear responsibility for the consequences of their actions," he said.

4. We're the responsibility party. "Libertarians know that only through complete personal responsibility can individuals grow as human beings, and society be made more prosperous and secure," said Dasbach.

5. We're the honesty party. "We are the only party that always holds to its principles," he said. "We don't attempt to curry favor by lying or by hiding our beliefs. Unlike all other politicians and political parties, we refuse to lie about what we really believe. We stand firm for our values at all times."

Is this the kind of political party you want to belong to?

"If so, join us today," said Dasbach. "All we need to succeed is the support of people like you--someone who values freedom and self-responsibility, and someone who has the passion and drive to help build a better future for American. Join us!"


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