Why Join the Libertarians?
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What Exactly Is Libertarianism?
Libertarianism is the view that you own yourself and that no one else, not even government, has the right to interfere in your life so long as you do no harm to others. As David Bergland put it in his book Libertarianism in One Lesson, "Libertarians approach political, economic and social issues by placing the highest priority on solutions which let people solve their own problems, their own way, according to their values. In most instances, this results in proposals which replace the clumsy, counterproductive approach of government intervention with more effective and compassionate voluntary cooperation among the people whose lives are most directly affected."
Why Should I Join the Libertarian Party?
If you accept this concept of self-ownership and non-interference in the lives of others, then it is in your long-term best interest to join the Libertarian Party at the local, state, and national levels. The Libertarian Party is the only party to state explicitly this concept of absolute self-ownership. Thus, it is the only current hope for turning back the foaming tide of increasing government intrusiveness into our privacy and pocketbooks.
What Can the Libertarian Party of Brevard (LPB) Do for Me Locally?
When you join the LPB, your application fee and voluntary efforts help to promote the LPB mission, which is to downsize the role of local government and thus promote additional personal and economic freedoms. The LPB will accomplish this mission by exposing Brevard County voters to Libertarian ideas, increasing both LPB membership and the number of registered Libertarians in Brevard County, and ultimately getting Libertarians appointed or elected to as many positions in Brevard County and local municipalities as possible. As that happens, elected Libertarians will whittle, then chop, then bulldoze away layers of useless bureaucracy and meaningless laws that rob individuals of their money and liberty. libliftoff.gif (17943 bytes)
That Is a Nice Long-Term Ideal, But What Do I Get Right Now?
You get the following benefits:
1. A chance to make your voice heard in a principled manner in local politics
2. A monthly newsletter of LPB events
3. A chance to meet and form friendships with other Libertarians at monthly socials
4. An opportunity to promote freedom and self-responsbility in Brevard County
That Sounds Great! How Do I Join?
Complete and mail the Membership Form with application fee to the address on that form.


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