Why Change My Registration?
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by Luke Setzer

Many people who find themselves leaning in the direction of the Libertarians still do not want to change their registration from a major party to the Libertarian (LBN) party.   The resistance to change is rooted in the fear of not being able to participate in the primary elections.

In Florida, the bulk of that reason fell with the passage of Revision 11 for Fair Elections in November 1998. Not only did Revision 11 mandate that the requirements for ballot access be the same for all candidates, it also permits all voters to select a candidate in a primary election when no other party runs its own candidates for office during the primaries. By Florida law, a primary election involving several candidates from the same party running for the same office will effectively select the official for that office when there are no other parties fielding candidates. This is because Florida does not require a follow-up election when the primary effectively determines the elected official. While this seems like an effective way of saving money by not requiring a ballot for a one-candidate race, it essentially allows the members of one party in a voting district to select the official to fill a position unchallenged by other parties.

In a single-party primary race for office, Revision 11 allows all voters to select which participant will become the new official. Because many of the races in Florida do go unchallenged, a greater percentage of voters will have a say in who represents them.

The passage of Revision 11 also means that it will be much easier for Libertarians actually to field multiple candidates for office and thus to participate fully in the primaries. In multiple-party situations, only registered Libertarians will have a voice in naming the Libertarian candidate for office.

In addition to these arguments, yet another reason for changing registration is to adhere to your own principles. Even in a multiple-party primary in which Libertarians are not running candidates, do you really want to bother picking and choosing among several bad candidates from a party whose principles you do not truly believe?  No?  Then why do you stay with that party?  Changing your registration to Libertarian will send a clear message about which values you support.

Look up the Brevard County Supervisor of Elections today in the local Yellow Pages and contact that civil servant to discover how to change your registration.  It is quick, simple, and free.


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