No Wimpy Censure!
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by Richard Hall

No wimpy way!

The president has already disgraced his office, embarassed our country and disillusioned our younger generations. He has shown meager remorse and has given only grudging semi-apologies. The worst possible outcome would result in having this fatally-wounded, lame duck hanging around Washington for another two years. He is a moral basket-case and does not deserve a free pass.

If the president were truly contrite, he would come to realize the pain and anguish that he alone has inflicted upon the entire nation. Anyone else in his shoes with an ounce of self-respect and love of country would have resigned months ago. But, of course, we already know that this draft-dodging weakling is indifferent in matters of patriotism and personal character. So based on these indelible qualities, we can easily conclude that the president will not resign. He will run true to form. He will not make the proper and honorable decision.

But Congress must not falter. Regardless of any new evidence that the Starr report may contain, Congress is already duty-bound to demand a Clinton resignation, while proceeding with the impeachment process.

A wimpy censure will simply serve as an absolution of the despicable Clinton conduct, will leave us with a thoroughly discredited president and will establish a new low in moral standards for our youth--the worst of all worlds! We have had enough charisma!

One way or another, Clinton must go! No wimpy censure!


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