Demand Clinton's Resignation
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by Richard Hall

Attention Americans! Now is the hour!

Our esteemed Congressmen need help. Having a chronic problem called "backbones-weakus" and with an apparent dearth of political moral standards, they seek guidance on the Clinton question:


We know this draft-dodging moral lightweight will not resign, as he doesn't give a damn about the country's well-being. A wimpy censure gives us two very serious problems: It tells our youth we have a ho-hum attitude toward despicable presidental (not plumber) behavior, and it leaves us with a thoroughly discredited lame duck hanging around DC for two years.

Therefore, we must give our representatives and senators the gumption to reject a wimpy, cop-out censure! But that's what they'll do if you let them. Impeachment means problems, hard work and tough decisions, all anathemas to our legislators. They are all secretly hoping you will not tell them: "Demand a resignation while you implement the impeachment process."


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