1997-04 Newsletter
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  1. The Libertarian Party of Brevard (LPB) met on April 28, 1997, at Bagel World in Satellite Beach. The purpose of this meeting was to lay the groundwork for May officer elections and the state convention. The meeting began at 7:20 PM and the following 13 people attended:
    Lee McLamb, David Hobbs, David Chanley, Brian Mos, Ann Cornett, John Cornett, Bob Klaus ,Wayne Harley, Ron Danforth ,Dan Goodman ,Glenn Pinfield,.Laura Pinfield, John Geltemeyer.
    ** Seven additional people indicated a desire to come, but were unable due to prior commitments.
  2. The following OLD BUSINESS was discussed. Persons needing to take action are underlined:
    1. Wayne Harley was to send the LPB email address and phone number to Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) so they can update the LP home page. David Hobbs will attempt to contact the state LP website administrator, however we haven't had much luck with contacting theses guys in the past.. (Feb 24 - OPEN)
    2. I worked on LPB flyer to post on bulletin boards (college campuses, community centers, local businesses, etc.). Gave the revised copy to Kevin Capps who has a lot more artistic capability! Kevin will fix it up for next meeting. Once we get a good looking flyer we can mass produce it and distribute accordingly. Kevin Capps had finals this week and was unable to attend (Feb 24 - OPEN)
    3. John Geltemeyer was to check prices for LP banners. Carol and I purchased a banner, consider it a donation. (Closed)
    4. Dan Goodman found out the county does not provide written information on the different political parties in the Voter Registration Office (they used to do this). He also called to "ask for information on the Libertarian Party" as "someone interested in registering as one" with the intent on finding out what registration officials are telling the public about the LP. Dan said they were very polite and gave him a name and number of a local contact for the party. After officer elections, we'll provide them with the Chair's name and the LPB number and email address. (Mar 24 - OPEN)
    5. Wayne Harley will check local banks for LPB account. (Feb 24 - OPEN)
    6. I checked on getting the LPB tax-exempt status so we don't have to pay taxes when we purchase items. Tax Collector will get back with me. (Feb 24 - OPEN)
    7. Kevin Capps talked with the Keep Brevard Beautiful representative about getting the LPB a stretch of road for the Adopt-a-Road program. Preliminary info is that we pay a one-time fee of $50, select a stretch of road, clean it at least quarterly, and they'll put our name on the "Adopt-a-Road" sign. He's still getting more info. (Feb 24 - OPEN)
    8. John Geltemeyer was to write up a small piece for the Florida Liberty, letting everyone know we started meeting again, and to announce our next meeting date, time and location. The Florida Liberty released early for the state convention and we won't be able to get a piece in until May. (Feb 24 - OPEN)
    9. David Hobbs agreed to start developing a LPB Website. David Chanley offered to help. This will really get us somewhere. We can link up with various other sites (National LP, LPF, Brevard County Elections, etc.). We now have a website at (http://www.geocities.com/CapitalHill/Lobby/3076). We will add to and modify it as we get more input, good work. (closed)
    10. I sent requests to both the FL Today and the Melbourne Times to announce our March meeting. I'll send in another one for the April meeting. I will also send in some information to get the LPB in the Fact Book, a yearly publication by the Florida Today. I don't have the status of this as Carol is out of the country. (Feb 24 - Open)
    11. Start a letter writing seminar to get regular presence in the newspapers. Can do this either at normal monthly meetings or at separate pre-arranged meetings. Idea is to write several letters on a few hot topics and submit to newspaper editorial pages. (Feb 24 - OPEN)
    12. We need to start thinking of ways to raise funds. In the past, members saved their aluminum cans and donated them to the party (they brought them to the meetings and one person was responsible for turning them in) and also rented a booth at the Eau Gallie Flea Market and sold all their old stuff, donating the returns to the party. The idea of Spaghetti Dinner was brought up and Jack Padilla agreed to check with the VFW Post in Satellite Beach on the cost of renting their hall--or bartering for some type of service in return (cleaning, mowing, etc., again we're poor!) More ideas: a 50/50 Raffle at each meeting, a donations jar at the meetings, and dues. (Mar 24 - OPEN)
    13. Vietnam Veteran's Reunion, Apr 18-20. Talked about setting up an OPH booth at this event. Since the event has passed it is closed. Carol and I visited the event and the atmosphere was anything but pro federal government. We should consider setting up a both next time it comes around. (Closed)
  3. The following NEW BUSINESS was discussed. Persons needing to take action are underlined:
    1. Discussed with Dan Goodman the possibility of linking up with several organizations identified in the Florida today as being "radical" including the John Birch Society of Melbourne. (Item open)
    2. David Chanley circulated a survey delineating LP member opinions about what we felt important and how we felt the National party was responding to our concerns. These will be used to help direct input to the State convention in May. (Item open)
    3. Glenn Pinfield informed us that he had been arrested on 22 April for handing out pamphlets at the county courthouse. He was handing out the "Fully Informed Juror" pamphlets and was charged with "Breach of Peace." It is important to note that a Supreme Court ruling specifically designates courthouses and the public property around them as "free speech zones." Glenn will be at the courthouse again on May 12, 08:30 A.M. He asks that all that can help please come and help distribute literature (any kind) to support the First amendment. If you intend on going or want additional information please call Glenn Pinfield at 728-8152. If needed I have copies of nearly all the Libertarians brochures available. (Item Open)
    4. David Chanley will have a booth displaying his wares at the BCC campus on Malabar Road, 17 May. I have offered up the Worlds Smallest Political Quiz cards and an LP Brochure on Taxes and the Family Budget for him to hand out. (Item Open)
    5. On 19 May we will hold officer elections and decide what questions we will send with our delegates. Maximum participation is requested. Officer descriptions are attached to these minutes. We will attempt to do a mass calling of our phone list. We also discussed creating a committee to call and inform people of meeting to keep participation up. (Item Open)
    6. I volunteered to take aluminum cans at each meeting as a fund raiser.
  4. The floor was opened for discussion
    1. David Chanley expressed some concern with a request to not discuss business advertising at the meetings. I assured him that we were not trying to gag people, we were just asking that this be limited to the informal discussions following the meeting.
    2. I showed samples of all the available LP Party brochures that Carol and I had donated to the party. These are open to everyone's use. However I do ask that if you take some for an event and have leftovers, please return the leftovers so we can get the most out of these.
    3. It was asked where we were planning on going with this organization (Sorry my notes missed who asked this). I stated that our end goal would be to run candidates in local, county and eventually state elections.
  5. Meeting adjourned at approximately 9:30 PM. Our next meeting is 19 May, 1997, at Bagel World in Satellite Beach at 7 PM. For those newcomers, Bagel World is located at 1301 S. Patrick Drive, Satellite Beach, in the shopping center just north of the Satellite Beach Fire Dept. Bagel World is on the east side of S. Patrick Drive.


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