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The Libertarian Party of Brevard

June 1997

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Florida Constitution Revision
Brevard Libertarians in Office
LPB contact info
Central Florida Naturists
Are you giving more to the Federal Government than necessary?
Medical Marijauna
New location for LPB meetings
Aluminun for Liberty
LPB statistics


Every 20 years the Florida constitutional convention convenes for changes and rewrites of the existing constitution. This opens the door for many opportunities and extraordinary mischief on the part of the politicians. The opening rounds consists of a committee appointed by several different governing bodies that travels to some of the major cities around the state. The closest approach of this group will be in Orlando September 4th at the Expo Center. The purpose is to allow ordinary citizens to get a chance to make inputs.

The past has indicated 2 things: only a very small amount of citizen recommendations makes it to the later debates; and special interest groups saturate these meetings to make sure that it appears that their view is wide spread.

The LPF is busily putting together a list of proposed changes that it hopes the county affiliates will back. The LP of Brevard (LPB) will put together a group to travel to Orlando to get our views aired.

Those interested in being on the committee that will revise and accept the LPF recommendations should call 727-2660. We would prefer people on this committee make a commitment to attend the Orlando hearing in September.

A small group is driving up to Jacksonville on July 29 to see one of these hearings in action--that way we will be better prepared for Orlando. Again, those interested in going can call 727-2660.
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Could be sooner than you think. With some inspiration from the June LP news, we began seeking the information to get LPB members on the numerous city and county boards. All it requires is a resume.

We have listings of the many city advisory boards from around the county as well as the county itself. Most of these boards meet monthly or every other month, for 1-2 hours.

If you have any aspirations of political office, this is a perfect way to gain experience and build a political resume. If you don't have any future plans as an elected official, your 1 or 2 hours a month being on these boards will be of extraordinary benefit to the local and national party.

Each of these appointed positions is considered an office holder in LP statistics. These statistics are what convince people that we are serious and credible

As these numbers go up so does the likelihood of donations and new members. That goes for the national as well as Brevard party. In 1998 or 2000 we will try to run candidates for office. For the LPB to have any chance, our support has to come from within. Local business leaders may decide they like our ideas, but would be unwilling to give support unless they believed we were really interested in winning.

In addition to raising our credibility it gives us a foot in the door of government. Many Libertarians speak much of government but really don't have a clear idea how it functions. Holding these minor posts will give us the insight to talk from experience and give concrete examples rather than generalities. Having Libertarians on these boards puts us in a position to influence policy. It gives us "ears" inside government so that we can act on policies that may not be getting noticed by the media or public.

We currently have 2 people with resumes submitted awaiting appointment.

If you interested in finding out more or perhaps taking the plunge call the Electoral Victory Committee at 727-2660 or contact LPBrevard@aol.com.
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Need Info on LPB activities?

Phone: 255-2105
E-Mail: LPBrevard@aol.com
Our Website:
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The LPB would like to thank Frank Cervasio, president of the Central Florida Naturists, and his wife Marianne for making the trip from Orlando to speak at our June meeting.

He outlined how their group has been coming to the Northern Brevard beaches since the early 70's, without any incident with the law.

The late 80's and early 90's saw a shift in power in Brevard County, primarily due to low voter turnout county-wide (19%) and heavy turnout in Northern Brevard by special interest groups.

Regardless, they were able to stop the passage of laws targeted to shut them down. With a concentrated effort of phone calls and faxes they derailed efforts at both the state and national level that were attempts to force the National Park Service to bow to the will of a small group in Northern Brevard. The efforts of the Naturists labeled them as "a well-oiled political machine". Their fax and phone efforts were manned by 13 people!

Frank and Marianne Cervasio have graciously offered their assistance should we need help in our organizing efforts.
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Are you helping to give more revenue to the Federal Government than necessary???

If you have access to E-Mail and you are receiving this news letter via U.S. mail, you are! With 81 recipients on our "snail mail" list it adds up to a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere.

If you have E-Mail access please contact LPBrevard@aol.com so that we can send you this newsletter at no cost to the party. We promise not to give your address out to others and we will not overload your account with junk mail. Typically we send 1-4 E-mailings a month. Please specify if you want the newsletter in "Word" or text format.
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The party gave out petitions at our June meeting to get medical marijuana on the state referendum. Copies of the form are acceptable, however each petition can only have one name on it. If you have completed petitions, you can send them out or bring the m to the July meeting and we'll take care of it for you. More petitions will be available at the July meeting.
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Want to see LPB meetings closer to home?

Our last meeting proved 2 things. First that we can convince guests that we have a large credible organization and second 33 people is about the capacity of our current meeting place. We will begin exploring the idea of changing the meeting location monthly. Preferably we want one northern, one central, and one southern location. If you have ideas please call the LPB contact number, 255-2105 or E-Mail LPBrevard@aol.com. We'll need clear directions, address, cost, and capacity.
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Aluminum for Liberty -- a Success!!!

Thoughtful Libertarians brought tons of aluminum cans to the June meeting...well, okay, more like 36 lbs. But that added $9 to our funds and if we keep it up, that's over $100 in a year. That's enough to buy lots of stamps, envelopes, and printer paper. Thanks to everyone who made the effort
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