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The Libertarian Party of Brevard
Volume 1 Issue 9 November 1997
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Brevard's Liberty in Action a Success!
Next Meeting:
Nov. 24, 7 p.m.
Hemp Fest and OPH
Critical Openings
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Brevard's Liberty in Action a Success!:

The Libertarian Party of Brevard (LPB) put on a professional "mini-convention" at the Melbourne Comfort Inn.

The prime purpose of the seminar was to facilitate some cross talk between the county affiliates and provide a little inspiration to the LPB membership. The seminar was followed by an LPF Executive Committee (Excom) meeting.

The LPF must have been impressed with turnout and facilities as they are tentatively planning future meetings at this location.

Tom Regnier spoke and presented a speech he gave at his second CRC appearance. He spoke of "the arrogance of power" which was to get the idea across to people that elected officials are not imbued with super knowledge. They are normal people like you and me elected to be our public servants. Many of these officials later get caught up the grandeur of their office and "think" they have knowledge and abilities above that of us "common folk."

Jim Alsis of Palm Beach County spoke on grass roots organizing. His primary focus was to explain how we need to become "joiners." Join the Toastmasters, reap the benefits of learning proper public speaking, and have a captive audience that you induct with Libertarianism. Join the local NRA branch so that they will know there is an alternative to the Republicans and that the alternative is active in their area. Mr. Alsis is a former member of the G.O.P who is now a diehard Libertarian. He wanted to make it clear to people that the Libertarians have already won the war of ideas with the intellectual elite of our country. They are waiting for Libertarians to start showing that they are an active political force.

We held a feedback session where all the affiliates in attendance explained how they raise money. These ideas were complied and will be presented to the Special Activities Committee.

There were two other groups meeting at the hotel at the same time as we were. Many people came by our registration table and took literature.

Finally, due to good location and planning the LPB ended up making a modest profit from the entire event.
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Next Meeting

Cantina Dos Amigos in Indian Harbor Beach, 1924 Highway A1A, in Shopper's World Plaza, 1 mile north of the Eau Gallie Causeway. This is a restaurant and they do hope we will eat; entrees are very reasonably priced, some under $5.


Remember this next meeting will be a membership meeting. We will be invoking our membership dues. $15 for non-national members, $10 for national members, and $5 for students. Please have your voter registration cards handy. People who are not members are still welcome to come and speak, but they will not be able to vote on proposals.

We will have registration forms and national party membership forms available.

So what do we need the money for? The stamps for this newsletter for one. There was a table fee at the Melbourne Gun Show. Brochures a nd handout materials cost money. Our expenditures at this point do exceed our monthly income.
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Hemp Fest and OPH

On 22-23 November the LPB will have an OPH booth at the Cannibus Freedom Fest at the BCC pavilion.. This event is critical as attendance over the 2 days will likely exceed 1500 people, many who are waiting to hear the one political party who has the guts to speak out against the War on Drugs.

The organizers of the event have invited us to speak. Lee McLamb, chair of the Speakers Bureau, has answered the call and will hit all the low points of the war on drugs, including asset forfeiture, the increase in violent crime and corruption.

If you can spare an hour or more during the weekend, call Dave Hobbs at 452-6902. We are desperately short of manpower. We also could run into a shortage of material to hand out. If you have old LP News, Reason, Liberty or the like that you are willing to part with, please bri ng them along as handouts.
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Critical Openings

The LPB will be facing several new challenges. We have people in critical positions that will be leaving the area within the next 2 months--we need to people to step up and volunteer!

Electoral Victory Commission Chair: This person's job is to find out from Brevard County and local cities which appointed positions are opening up and try to find Libertarians to fill them. Additionally that person finds out what offices are up for election and tries to recruit people from inside and outside the party to run for those positions. They do not run campaigns but interface with campaigns to report to the Excom what the party can do to help. This person also sits on the LPB Excom.

Membership Committee Chair: This person maintains a listing of members and interested people in the county. They contact new prospects and develop new outreach plans. They send changes to the state so they can update their database. They make sure people are contacted a week prior to the monthly meeting to insure sufficient attendance.

News Letter Editor: Helps write the news letter and organizes inputs from other members. Sends the letter monthly via EMail and mail.

Obviously all three of these positions are critical to the party. Remember as chair these people do not necessarily do all the work listed; they can delegate the work to other committee members and ensure all the tasks get completed.
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Need Info on LPB activities?

Phone: 255-2105
E-Mail: LPBrevard@aol.com
Our Website:
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