1998-08 Newsletter
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Executive Committee (ExComm) Activities
July 1998

The ExComm met on Monday, July 6, 1998 at 7:00 PM at Bagel World, 1301 South Patrick Drive, Satellite Beach. The meeting was called to order at 7:15 PM.

Members present were Lee McLamb (Chair), David Hobbs (Vice Chair), John Cornett (Treasurer), Luke Setzer (Secretary), and Ross Nordeen (Membership Committee Chair).

1. Officer Reports:

Chair: Lee reported briefly on the parade, its successes, and lessons learned. He also mentioned that he would like to see the LPB focus on Proposition 11 (Ballot Access) and membership drives between now and the 1998 elections. He stated that he will notify the relevant authorities and bureaucrats of the changes in the ExComm officers.

Vice-Chair: No report.

Treasurer: John moved that all parade expenses be reimbursed by the LPB upon presentation of valid receipts. Ross seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously.

Secretary: Luke received the LPB secretarial notebook from the previous secretary, Ann Cornett.

2. Committee Reports:

Membership: Ross Nordeen reported that only one person on the entire list of registered Libertarians who received notice of the June LPB social actually appeared at that social. He questioned the value of continuing to deliver notices to those who are simply registered Libertarian. After some discussion, it was decided to pursue this strategy until all registered Libertarians in Brevard County had been contacted at least once. At that point, the database would be purged of all inactive Libertarians.

Public Relations: A lively debate erupted for a few minutes over the status of this currently inactive committee. Points included whether this committee served any useful purpose at this time in the LPB. No resolutions were reached, so the topic was shelved.

Web Site: Lee McLamb transferred chair responsibilities for this committee to Ross Nordeen to allow himself more time to focus on his new duties as LPB chair.

3. Monthly LPB Meeting

Review of June Meeting: A total of thirty (30) persons appeared at the June 27 social at John Cornett's home in Melbourne. Credit for the larger-than-usual turnout was given to the phone tree approach and the importance of the concurrent annual business meeting and LPB officer elections.

Plans for July Meeting: Wayne Harley has volunteered his home for the July 25 LPB social. John Cornett will contact Wayne for information on start time and directions.

4. Projects

Projects Completed: The rapidly executed parade project was completed successfully.

Projects in Progress and Persons Assigned: Luke reported that the Adopt-A-Road project was nearing completion. He solicited volunteers from the ExComm to participate in the necessary safety training. Ross and Lee volunteered. Luke made arrangements to contact them with information about exact time and location for training.

Projects Proposed:

  1. Speakers: John will begin contacting candidates for local office to attend our monthly socials. The caveat for their opportunity to speak to us for a few minutes will be a requirement that they take the "World's Smallest Political Quiz". This will afford candidates the opportunity to learn more about libertarianism and will let local Libertarians know where these candidates fall on the political spectrum.
  2. Future 1998 Events: David will begin arranging OPH booths and other events through the end of 1998 to give the LPB a head start on gathering volunteers and materials.
  3. July Newsletter: Luke will author this month's newsletter in a new format to attempt to deliver more information at less cost. Ross will still generate the needed address labels.
  4. Coalition for Constitutional Property Rights: Lee will contact this local group to search for opportunities for synergy between their group and LPB.

5. Lessons Learned from Melbourne Independence Day Parade: Though the parade was considered a success at getting the LPB message out to people, the actual number of attendants at that parade was disappointing. It was decided to pursue participation in a Satellite Beach parade this fall that would have a much larger anticipated audience.

6. Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) and Other July Activities: David Hobbs stated that attempting to pursue an OPH booth in July in light of all other activities would yield disappointing results. He does intend to contact Market Pro about setting up an OPH booth in late August at their next computer show in Melbourne Auditorium.

August 1998
Calendar of Events

3rd Monday 6:00 PM
Monthly ExComm Meeting
This month the ExComm will complete the painting of the interior of the LPB parade float sign at the home of John and Ann Cornett. They will follow this with their regular meeting.
John and Ann Cornett 255-2064

10th Monday
Newsletter/Calendar Deadline
Call our Secretary, Luke Setzer, if you have something you want printed in the LPB newsletter or calendar for September.
Luke Setzer  639-9062

17th-21st Mon-Fri 8 AM-5 PM

Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) Booth
Let's see how many Brevard Community College (BCC) students fall into the Libertarian quadrant of the "World's Smallest Political Quiz"! Call David Hobbs to volunteer at this very important tool of "Operation Everywhere" at Brevard Community College, 1519 Clearlake Road, Cocoa. The more volunteers we have, the more hours we can operate this booth, and the more students we can reach!
David Hobbs  452-6902

29th Saturday 6:00 PM

Monthly Social
Vice Chair David Hobbs has volunteered to host this month's social at his home at 1525 Glen Haven Avenue, Merritt Island. Bring a covered dish and beverage to complement his main course of deep fried turkey and enjoy the company of local Libertarians who largely share your political views.
David Hobbs  452-6902


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