1998-09 Newsletter
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Executive Committee (ExComm) Activities
August 1998

The ExComm met on Monday, August 3, 1998 at 7:00 PM at the Brevard County Library in Cocoa. The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

Members present were Lee McLamb (Chair), David Hobbs (Vice Chair), John Cornett (Treasurer), and Ross Nordeen (Membership Committee Chair). Absent was Luke Setzer (Secretary) due to a business trip.

1. Officer Reports:

Chair: The Petition to Affiliate was submitted to the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) and an application for bonding was received from Huckleberry, Sibley & Harvey. The cost of bonding, which is required by Florida statute, is $105 per year.

Vice-Chair: No report.

Treasurer: Account balance as of August 2, 1998 is $529.43. Here is the breakdown for July's expenditures:
• $80.00 to Ross Nordeen for mailing expenses
• $105.00 to Huckleberry, Sibley & Harvey for bond

Secretary: No report (absent).

2. Committee Reports:
Membership: Two guests attended the July meeting, and one new member has joined. Ross stated that LPF has not contacted him to provide membership information as promised.

3. Monthly LPB Meeting
Review of July Meeting: John Cornett addressed the need to make sure that new activists get the meeting notices. Lee McLamb noted that several setup items were missed at the July meeting and is working on a materials/setup checklist.

4. Projects

  1. BCC Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) Booth
    David Hobbs has made arrangements for us to hold an OPH booth at the Cocoa BCC campus on August 24 in front of the bookstore or in the student center. Dave is also checking on doing an OPH booth at FIT. Ross Nordeen will have copies of the LPB newsletter available for the OPH booth.
  2. Proposition 11
    Lee McLamb suggested fund raising might be needed in September to support Proposition 11 advertising. Lee would check on yard sign printing costs and the cost and availability of a vending trailer. Dave Hobbs will check on the possibilities of having a booth or trailer at Octoberfest in Cocoa Village.
  3. LPB Sign
    Ross Nordeen will contact Jerry Driscoll to coordinate moving the sign from the Cornett's house to Ross's house. The sign is still in need of painting on the inside.
  4. Projects Proposed:
    Future 1998 Events: Ross Nordeen is developing an LPB voter's guide based on the World's Smallest Political Quiz (WSPQ). Ross is also coordinating with the LPF on recommendations for the constitutional revisions that will appear on the ballot.

General Membership Activities
July-August 1998

Letters to the Editor:
Richard Hall managed to get five Libertarian-leaning letters published in July and August: One in The Washington Times and four in Florida Today, with the last of those supporting Revision 11 (Ease Ballot Access). The promotion of Revision 11 was advanced even further by David Hobbs's "Letter of the Day", published in Florida Today on August 12.    According to David, "After seeing my Letter to the Editor, Connie Fishbaugh, the host from 'Talk Town' on 1060 AM called...and wanted to interview me about  Revision 11 details and 'What It Means To Be a Libertarian'. David did indeed participate on live radio and did an excellent job of providing Libertarian answers to some tough questions.

Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) Booth:
David Hobbs arranged an OPH booth at Brevard Community College (BCC) in Cocoa on the first day of class, August 24. Luke Setzer and Lee McLamb minded the booth all day, and managed to acquire four names of interested students to add to our roster.

Palm Bay High School Project:
Richard Hall and Brian Mos spent an entire day in a Palm Bay High School class conducting a series of 45-minute presentations on the U.S. Constiution and "Why I Became a Libertarian". As expected, some students showed interest, others disinterest.

Monthly Socials:
The monthly social at Wayne Harley's house on July 25 was productive. John Cornett read his Toastmasters speech supporting the right to keep and bear arms, while Brian Mos began collecting digital photos of members for our forthcoming membership database.

The August 29 social David Hobbs's house also went well. A special treat that evening was an open forum in which members were invited to share their personal views of "What It Means To Be a Libertarian".

September 1998
Calendar of Events

7th and 21st Monday 7:00 PM
Monthly ExComm Meeting
Our Secretary, Luke Setzer, will be hosting this month's ExComm meetings at his home at 2819 Dunhill Drive, Cocoa.
Luke Setzer  639-9062

10th Thursday
Newsletter/Calendar Deadline
Call our Secretary, Luke Setzer, if you have something you want printed in the LPB newsletter or calendar for September.
Luke Setzer  639-9062

26th Saturday 6:00 PM

Monthly Social
Our Secretary, Luke Setzer, has volunteered to host this month's social at his home at 2819 Dunhill Drive, Cocoa. Bring a covered dish, a beverage of your choice, and extra chairs and tables so you can fully enjoy the company of local Libertarians who largely share your political views.
Luke Setzer  639-9062

Directions to Luke's House:
Take I-95 to Exit 76
Take Exit 76 to Highway 524 East
Follow Highway 524 East several miles
Pass the Cocoa Pines & Cocoa North subdivisions
Look for Coventry of Cocoa subdivision on left
Turn left into Coventry of Cocoa
Take first left onto Dunhill Drive
Drive one block
House is light tan-colored house on left
Address is 2819 Dunhill Drive
Park in parking lot near pool & tennis court
You can ignore "Parking by Permit Only" signs
They only apply to cars parked more than 24 hrs


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