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General Membership Activities
September-October 1998

Letters to the Editor:
Because of the publication of their pro-Revision 11 letters in Florida Today, Richard Hall and David Hobbs both participated in a morning call-in show on WMEL on October 5.  The host, a professed Republican, publicly opposed all proposed revisions on November's ballot because they all contain some provision or another for expanding state government expenditures.  Richard and David both pointed out to this gentleman that waiting for the "perfect" amendment or bill to be proposed could take an eternity, during which time the "Republicrats" would continue to expand the state's power and costliness. They stated that Libertarians (and many others) support Revision 11 because it will level the playing field for those who wish to compete with the so-called "major" parties, and that such competition is essential if any hope exists for eventually reducing government.

Richard Hall put it best when he told our Secretary, Luke Setzer, "Both Dave and I got on the air and stated the LP position that called for a 'Yes' vote on Revision 11 even though we didn't favor all the provisions, i.e., on balance, Revision 11 should be passed.  We were not pleased when the host argued against us, stating that he too favored ballot access, but that the baggage out-weighed the ballot access, and that we should take separate action to get ballot access.  I intend to call back one day soon and tell him he's just like the Republicrat parties who have been stalling ballot access since year one for every cockamamey reason under the Florida sun...and we want ballot access even if it comes with typhoid fever."

Monthly Socials:
The monthly social at Luke Setzer's house on September 26 had a smaller than normal turnout, probably due to threats of hurricane weather the previous week.   Nevertheless, some productive business was accomplished, primarily the advance ordering of 25 pro-Revision 11 yard signs.  Our "tough topics" session covered issues ranging from public nudity to zoning laws, with some interesting solutions and clarifications offered from the Libertarian perspective.

Libertarian Party of Brevard T-Shirts:
Vice Chair David Hobbs is placing an order for some T-shirts featuring our "Rocket Liberty" symbol and party name.  Call him at 452-6902 for details and ordering information.  The more advance orders we get, the cheaper they will be!






Calendar of Events
October 1998

5th and 19th Monday 6:00 PM
Semi-Monthly ExComm Meeting
Lee McLamb has made reservations for the LPB ExComm at the Central Brevard Library, Cocoa.

15th Thursday 7:00 PM
Indiatlantic City Council Debate
Our LPB Chair, Lee McLamb, will serve as a moderator at this public debate among the several candidates running for Indiatlantic City Council.  It will be held at City Hall, Indiatlantic.  Libertarians living in this city should take advantage of this opportunity to grill the candidates, testing their stands on personal and economic freedom.  Get there early, because you will be expected to provide your questions in writing to the moderator(s).

16th Friday
Newsletter/Calendar Deadline
Call our Secretary, Luke Setzer, if you have something you want printed in the LPB newsletter or calendar for November.
Luke Setzer  639-9062

24th Saturday 6:00 PM

Monthly Social
Note: Our monthly socials are usually held the last Saturday of each month, but to avoid Halloween, we are holding October's meeting one week early. This month, we will be trying something a little different: We will conduct our meeting at Choo Choo's B-B-Q and Lounge, 1341 N Cocoa Blvd, Cocoa.   (Obviously, there will be no need for you to bring a covered dish this month!)   Come and enjoy the company of local Libertarians who largely share your political views.  As we have done the last two months, we will have a tough topics session in which we spend 15 minutes per topic (two topics maximum) offering Libertarian solutions to commonly suggested problems.
Choo Choo's 636-6160




Libertarian Party of Brevard County
1280 Sarno Road, #115
Melbourne FL 32935
(407) 255-2105

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