1999-02 Newsletter

NEWS FLASH! Candidates Needed for Local Elections in 2000!

If you read nothing else in this letter, read this!   The passage of Revision 11 for Fair Elections last November means that the Libertarian Party of Florida and its county affiliates have no more excuses not to run candidates for local office.  The LPB ExComm is currently surveying the upcoming year 2000 elections to determine the most likely offices in which to run candidates.  We need people willing and able to run as Libertarians for local office!  Imagine what it would be like to have a Libertian voice on a local city council, or a zoning board, or even on the county commission.  Is it not time we started to put our message into practice?  Of course it is!

NEWS FLASH II!  Advertisers Needed to Promote This Newsletter!

Would you like to see more people get the message about the local Libertarian Party?  So would we!  If you have a business you would like to see advertised to current or potential Libertarians in the area, contact Luke Setzer at 639-9062 to make arrangements to get your ad in this newsletter!  The earnings generated from ads like yours can help us to multiply the number of mailings we do each month, bringing us more clout and influence.

General Membership Activities
January 1999

Radio Appearances
"The Naked Truth" has moved its show to every Monday 10AM-Noon on radio station WINZ 740AM.

Monthly Socials
The monthly social at Ross Nordeen's house on January 30 went well.  Several new faces appeared and seemed impressed with the Libertarian message.  David Hobbs brought petitions advocating Libertarian positions on some local issues, and Lee McLamb discussed the activities of local Libertarian-leaning organizations such as the Citizens for Constitutional Property Rights (CCPR).

Letters to the Editor
Luke Setzer got a full-blown guest column about Ayn Rand published in the January 11 issue of Florida Today.  Ross Nordeen had a letter published in that same issue critiquing the tobacco lawsuit.  Finally, Lee McLamb publicized a letter scrutinizing the local school board's lawsuit January 28 in Florida Today.

Alternative News
Get a fax (or possibly e-mail) edition of the "Brevard Insider" daily newsletter for $6.25 per month.  Call Ed Clark at 255-4737 or e-mail ESCMC@aol.com.  Learn the facts that the other local newspapers refuse to cover about local politics!

Calendar of Events
February-March 1999

Business Meeting: 1st Monday 7:00 PM; Dinner Meeting: 3rd Monday 7:00 PM
Citizens for Constitutional Property Rights (CCPR) Meeting
Get involved with an organization that shares the Libertarian respect for property rights.   This month, because of a scheduling conflict, it is on the fourth Monday, February 22 at the Fairways Restaurant at Turtle Creek Golf Course in Rockledge.  Nice clothing is recommended.
David Hobbs    452-6902

Feb. 3 and 17 6:30 PM
Semi-Monthly ExComm Meeting
Lee McLamb has made reservations for the LPB ExComm at the Central Brevard Library, Cocoa.

Feb. 6 and 20 Saturday 1:00-4:00 PM
Space Coast Objectivism Promoters and Explorers (SCOPE) Meeting
Our Secretary, Luke Setzer, has formed a study group for local persons interested in learning and applying the ideas of Ayn Rand to successful living.  Check it out at Choo Choo's B-B-Q and Lounge, 1341 N. U.S. 1, Cocoa.  Bring a rational mind and a working familiarity with Ayn Rand's philosophy.
Luke Setzer  639-9062

1st Tuesday 9:00 AM Regular; 2nd Tuesday 9:00 AM Regular; 3rd Tuesday 5:30 PM Regular; 4th Tuesday 9:00 AM Regular; 4th Thursday 5:30 PM Zoning
Brevard Board of County Commissioners Meeting
The Brevard County Commission meets at Building C of the Viera complex.  Come make your Libertarian voice heard on issues that could readily affect you.  The meeting agendas are at
David Hobbs    452-6902

Feb. 20 Saturday
Newsletter/Calendar Deadline
Call our Secretary, Luke Setzer, if you have something you want printed in the LPB newsletter or calendar for March.
Luke Setzer  639-9062

Feb. 25 Thursday 7:00 PM
Quarterly Platform Presentation
Beginning in 1999, the LPB will conduct one presentation per quarter on several planks of the Libertarian Platform.  These quarterly offerings will be held in lieu of the more casual socials for those months.  This first presentation will take place at Choo Choo's B-B-Q and Lounge, 1341 N. U.S. 1, Cocoa.  If you or your friends have some serious questions regarding the application of Libertarian principles, this forum provides the ideal opportunity for answers.  This month, planks regarding national defense and the gun control will be presented.  Note: If you wish to eat dinner, please arrive no later than 5:30 PM to be seated and to order your meal.  Dinners must be ORDERED before 5:45 PM and be finished by 7:00 PM.  No orders will be taken after the speakers begin their presentations at 7:00 PM.
Choo Choo's B-B-Q and Lounge 636-6160

March 9 Election Day
Janet Hawkins' Campaign
Libertarian Janet Hawkins is running for Florida State House of Representatives District 35! Her number one priority is to raise additional money. She would like to raise $3000 to enable her to mail out literature to 10,000 homes. Ann Cornett and Rick Roberts are heading up a phone tree to try and raise money from within Brevard. If you would like to help with the phone tree or could donate money, please call them.  Rick Roberts and David Hobbs waved Janet Hawkins signs in front of three Republican polling centers in Winter Park Tuesday evening. They were surprised at the amount of friendly waving and honking they received at each of the areas. They calculated they introduced Janet's name to at least 1000 new faces.  There is only one remaining Democrat left in the race, so there will not be a Democratic primary Feb. 23 as planned. The next Brevard effort will be a request for volunteers to wave Janet Hawkins signs on election day, Mar. 9, between 7-10AM and 4-7PM. Please consider adjusting your schedules now to allow you to help with this effort.
David Hobbs 452-6902, Rick Roberts 777-2644, Ann Cornett 255-2064

Libertarian Party of Brevard County
1280 Sarno Road, #115
Melbourne FL 32935
(407) 255-2105

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