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Libertarian Party of Brevard County (LPB)
1999-05 Newsletter

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Membership Renewal!  Our membership cycle is May to May.  Many thanks to those of you who have already renewed.  For the rest, your annual dues to the Libertarian Party of Brevard County are now payable.  Remember, the $24 annual membership dues ($2 per month) is just a suggested starting figure. All contributions beyond that are welcome as well, but by all means contribute to "The Party of Principle".  As you watch the swelling quagmire of Yugoslavia swallow American lives, you can feel the satisfaction of supporting a party that opposes such foreign meddling.

National Libertarian Party Platform Plank on Education: The Libertarian approach to education will be the focus of this month's quarterly platform presentation on May 27 (see calendar).  Here is the entire plank as approved at the 1998 Libertarian Party Convention:

"We advocate the complete separation of education and State. Government schools lead to the indoctrination of children and interfere with the free choice of individuals. Government ownership, operation, regulation, and subsidy of schools and colleges should be ended. We call for the repeal of the guarantees of tax-funded, government-provided education, which are found in most state constitutions.

"As an interim measure to encourage the growth of private schools and variety in education, including home schooling, we support tax credits for tuition and other expenditures related to an individual's education. We likewise favor tax credits for child care and oppose nationalization of the child-care industry. We oppose denial of tax-exempt status to schools because of those schools' private policies on hiring, admissions, and student deportment. We support the repeal of all taxes on the income or property of private schools, whether for profit or non-profit.

"We condemn compulsory education laws, which spawn prison-like schools with many of the problems associated with prisons, and we call for an immediate repeal of such laws.

"Until government involvement in education is ended, we support elimination, within the governmental school system, of forced busing and corporal punishment. We further support immediate reduction of tax support for schools, and removal of the burden of school taxes from those not responsible for the education of children."

Homeschooling Infomercial on PAX TV!  The Homeschool Media Network reports that the first-ever homeschooling infomercial will be presented almost daily for the entire month of May!  Visit or call 1-877-U-CAN-DO-IT for information on dates and times.  This is an exciting event for Libertarians!

Bagel World - Deli - Chili World
1301 S. Patrick Dr. Satellite Beach 407-773-5422

New Hours New Food

6:30a-9:00p (M-F)

Cincinnati-Style Chili
7:00a-9:00p (Sat) over
7:00a-1:00p (Sun; no chili served) Spaghetti

Along with bagels, cream cheese and full line of Boar's Head meats used on our deli sandwiches, we are now serving Cincinnati-style chili spaghetti dinners topped with red beans, diced onions & a blanket of fine grated cheddar cheese (prices start at $3.25). We also have chili dogs and chili by the bowl.


Calendar of Events for May 1999

Citizens for Constitutional Property Rights (CCPR) Meeting
Business Meeting: 1st Monday 7:00 PM; Dinner Meeting: 3rd Monday 7:00 PM
Get involved with an organization that shares the Libertarian respect for property rights.
David Hobbs    452-6902

LPB Semi-Monthly ExComm Meeting May 4 and 19 6:00 PM
Lee McLamb has made reservations for the LPB ExComm at Choo Choo's B-B-Q and Lounge, 1341 N. U.S. 1, Cocoa.

Brevard County Board of Commissioners Meeting 1st Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 2nd Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 3rd Tuesday 5:30 PM (Regular); 4th Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 4th Thursday 5:30 PM (Zoning)
The Brevard County Commission meets at Building C of the Viera complex.  Come make your Libertarian voice heard on issues that could readily affect you.  The meeting agendas are at
David Hobbs    452-6902

LPB Membership Committee Meeting May 3 Monday 7:00 PM
Help support our membership drive!  Meet at the home of Ross Nordeen, 305 Quail Drive, Merritt Island.
Ross Nordeen 453-7998

LPB Quarterly Platform Presentation May 27 Thursday 5:30 PM
The LPB will conduct its second quarterly platform presentation at The Mediterranean Grill, 862 N Cocoa Blvd, Cocoa.  This quarter's focus will be on "Separating School and State".  Luke Setzer will offer a presentation on this topic, sharing information provided by major libertarian thinkers and activists such as Sheldon Richman of the Cato Institute and "Separation of School and State Alliance" leader Marshall Fritz.  If you or your friends have some serious questions regarding this application of Libertarian principles, this forum provides the ideal opportunity for answers.  Meal Choices: Chicken Cordon Bleu or Beef Shish-Ka-Bob, Rice, Salad, Rolls, Coffee, Tea, Apple Pie or Chocolate Mousse, (Vegetarian Meals Available Upon Request)--$12.44 (includes gratuity and tax).  Note: If you wish to eat dinner, please arrive no later than 5:30 PM to be seated and to order your meal.  Dinners must be ORDERED before 5:45 PM and be finished by 7:00 PM.  No orders will be taken after the speakers begin their presentations at 7:00 PM.
Libertarian Party of Brevard County 255-2105
Mediterranean Grill 631-5383


Libertarian Party of Brevard County
1280 Sarno Road, #115
Melbourne FL 32935
(407) 255-2105

Don't miss the quarterly platform presentation on
"Separating School and State" May 27!

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