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1999-06 Newsletter

Libertarian Party of Brevard County (LPB)

Message from the Chair

Things are getting very busy for us here in Brevard.  As you know, we're continuing with our quarterly platform meetings.  Currently, we have more activities going than we've had in quite some time.  If they are all going to be successful we need your help.

First, we're working with LP Florida on Operation Bootstrap.  By the time you read this, the first mailing should be out and our volunteers will be making follow-up phone calls.  We still need more people to help with this very important project.
Second is our petition drive with the Home Rule Charter Committee to amend the County charter.  These petitions will give voters the chance to require the County Commission to get voter approval before taking more of your money through additional taxes.
Third, if you have not yet seen the signs, we adopted Clearlake Road from Dixon North to SR 524.  We'll be getting together quarterly to pick up trash along our stretch of Clearlake Road.  This gives us a very consistent presence in the community and visibility in a high traffic area.
Finally, we're planning our second annual "HUGE Garage Sale" in July.  Last year we ran out of things to sell before we ran out of buyers.  Let's not let that happen again.  We need both donations for the sale as well as people to set up and man the tables.

As you can see, we've got a lot going on in the next couple of months.  I'm counting on everyone pitching in and making this a great kickoff to the start of a new year for the Libertarian Party of Brevard.

--Lee McLamb, Chair
Libertarian Party of Brevard County

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These petitions will give voters the chance to require the County Commission to get voter approval before taking more of your money through additional taxes.

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Our new Adopt-A-Highway signs on Clearlake Road give us a permanent visibility in the middle of Brevard County.

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MEMBERSHIP FORM: Check your address label on the reverse side of this form.  Still not a dues-paying member of the LPB?  Make the necessary corrections to your address label, then detach and complete this form and return with check or money order made payable to Libertarian Party of Brevard County.
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Yearly Dues Schedule: $24 per year, prorated at $2 per month to complete the May to May membership cycle.
Enclosed is $24 in dues to pay for my LPB membership until mid-May of the year 2000.
In addition, I want to help support the LPB with a contribution of $ __________.
"I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of force as a means of achieving political or social goals."
Signature _____________________________________ (required for membership in the LPB)
Government Mandated Notices
The Internal Revenue Service requires us to print "contributions are not tax-deductible" on all fund-raising appeals. Federal Election Commission requires us to ask for your employer and occupation. Federal law requires political committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and name of employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.

Calendar of Events for June 1999

Citizens for Constitutional Property Rights (CCPR) Meeting
Business Meeting: 1st Monday 7:00 PM; Dinner Meeting: 3rd Monday 7:00 PM
Get involved with an organization that shares the Libertarian respect for property rights.
David Hobbs 452-6902
LPB Semi-Monthly ExComm Meeting June 2 and 16 6:00 PM
Lee McLamb has made reservations for the LPB ExComm at Bagel World, 1301 S. Patrick Dr, Satellite Beach.
Bagel World 773-5422
Brevard County Board of Commissioners Meeting 1st Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 2nd Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 3rd Tuesday 5:30 PM (Regular); 4th Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 4th Thursday 5:30 PM (Zoning)
The Brevard County Commission meets at Building C of the Viera complex. Come make your Libertarian voice heard on issues that could readily affect you.
David Hobbs 452-6902
LPB Annual Business Meeting June 26 Saturday 6:00 PM
Location change!   The LPB will conduct its annual business meeting at Bagel World, 1301 S. Patrick Dr, Satellite Beach. Come and pay your annual dues if you have not already done so, then help to elect the LPB officers for the 1999-2000 term. We will also be soliciting volunteers for our committees and forthcoming projects! Since this will be a dinner as well as a business meeting, please remember to bring a covered dish and your choice of beverage.   (Bagel World will not be serving food that evening.)
Bagel World 773-5422                                                                     John and Ann Cornett 255-2064
LPB Adopt-A-Highway Cleanup June 27 Sunday 7:00 AM
Rise and shine!  This is your chance to help the LPB keep its presence via road signs on Clearlake Road in Cocoa.  Let's meet in front of the Brevard Community College (BCC) student center for a safety briefing before heading out onto the road shoulders for trash pickup.  Given the number of businesses along this stretch of highway that clean up their own curbs, keeping this area litter-free should be a snap.
Luke Setzer 639-9062

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Libertarian Party of Brevard County
1280 Sarno Road, #115
Melbourne FL 32935
(407) 255-2105

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