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Libertarian Party of Brevard County (LPB)

1999-08 Newsletter

Message from the Chair

All of our projects are certainly keeping us busy this summer.  I think this July has been the busiest period that I can recall since the LPB was formed.  The best news is, we're not done yet.  Our petition drive with the Home Rule Charter Committee to amend the County charter has completed the home stretch.  Of the 12,500 total petitions required, 2500 in each County Commission district, we have already been certified by the Supervisor of Elections as having qualified in 4 of the 5 districts.  By the time you read this, we expect that the last ten signatures needed in the fifth and final district will have been certified.  Then it will be up to us to get the word out to the voters to vote YES on these issues when they come up on the March 2000 ballot.  This is too important to let pass by.  By amending the County Charter, we can shape our local government and show people how Libertarian principles benefit them.  I want to thank everyone who has contributed to this effort.  Without the efforts of our volunteers, these issues would never have made it to the ballot.  GREAT JOB!

Our second annual "HUGE Garage Sale" was a big success again this year.  We raised $620.25 this year.  Our only problem once again was that we ran out of things to sell before we ran out of buyers.  We could have raised much more if only we had had the items to sell.  Ric Roberts and Ann Cornett were instrumental in making this year's sale a HUGE success.  For their efforts, as well as those of the workers who manned the tables, I would like to express our appreciation and thanks.

The LP Florida's Operation Bootstrap is finally running in high gear.  The first mailing was sent out the first week in August. Our volunteers are making follow-up phone calls after each mailing goes out.  With over 400 contacts to follow up here in Brevard, we still need more people to help with this very important project.  The LPF has provided a professionally developed script and guidelines for our volunteers to use.  With the additional membership from Operation Bootstrap, we will be in a much better position to support our candidates in the next election.  It is time to begin preparing to reap the benefits of last year's Revision 11 victory.  We'll certainly be seeing more Libertarian candidates on the ballot.  We must have a Party big enough to give them the backing they deserve.  Please contact me if you are willing to make some phone calls and make this project a success.

Our third quarterly platform presentation will be held on Thursday, August 26 (see calendar).  Our featured speaker will be Mike Moehle of the local Citizens for Constitutional Property Rights (CCPR).  His topic will be "The Cost and Effectiveness of Environmental Regulations".  He describes himself as "an environmentalist but not a socialist."  He will be followed by John Cornett, the LPB treasurer, who will complement Mike's presentation with his own treatise on the Libertarian concept of property rights.

--Lee McLamb, Chair, Libertarian Party of Brevard County

The Huge Garage Sale raised over $620 for the LPB treasury.  This money will be used to advance liberty in Brevard County.

"Government is not reason.  Government is not eloquence.  It is force.  And, like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

--George Washington

Side Notes

The LPB Monthly Social on July 29 offered a special speaker: Tom Regnier, Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Florida.  Tom spoke at length to attendees about a wide variety of topics.  Among these were his suggestions for improving the language of the National Libertarian Party platform.  Many of his suggestions passed, making the platform more accessible to the average American without compromising Libertarian principles.  Tom reiterated that the LP still has work to do to help it drop its current "small party rhetoric".

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Calendar of Events for August 1999
(call the LPB at 255-2105 should you have questions about any of these activities)

Citizens for Constitutional Property Rights (CCPR) Meeting
Business Meeting: 1st Monday 7:00 PM; Dinner Meeting: 3rd Monday 7:00 PM
Get involved with an organization that shares the Libertarian respect for property rights.
LPB Semi-Monthly ExComm Meeting August 4 and 18 6:00 PM
Lee McLamb has made reservations for the LPB ExComm at Bagel World, 1301 S Patrick Dr, Satellite Beach (773-5422).
Brevard County Board of Commissioners Meeting 1st Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 2nd Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 3rd Tuesday 5:30 PM (Regular); 4th Tuesday 9:00 AM (Regular); 4th Thursday 5:30 PM (Zoning)
The Brevard County Commission meets at Building C of the Viera complex. Come make your Libertarian voice heard on issues that could readily affect you.
LPB Quarterly Platform Presentation August 26 Thursday 6:00 PM
The LPB will conduct its quarterly platform presentation at Quincy's Family Steak House, 650 E Merritt Island Cswy, Merritt Island (452-8773).  This quarter's presentation will be on a topic that many Libertarians consider to be the cornerstone of individual liberty: property rights.  We will have speakers from the Citizens for Constitutional Property Rights (CCPR) and other local organizations on hand to address this crucial issue.  Note: If you wish to eat dinner, please arrive no later than 6:00 PM to be seated and to order your meal.  Dinners must be ORDERED before 6:15 PM and be finished by 7:00 PM.  No orders will be taken after the speakers begin their presentations at 7:00 PM.

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