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In a nutshell: Freedom, Free Enterprise, Better Management and Services, Fair and Reasonable Taxes, Liberty and Justice for All. Do not take tax money for special interest uses like campaigns.

  1. Government does not work. Government effort has a history of making things worse, not better. To make things better, you must eliminate government involvement. By removing the government from the problems, the government can be made smaller and less taxing while correcting the problems.
  2. Return to the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. The Federal government is much larger and more involved in things than it has authority to be. Limit the federal government to what it is legally authorized to do. Do not let the federal government inhibit the people or the states governing themselves where the federal government has no authority. Taxes would go down and freedom would return.
  3. Free enterprise is a better manager than bureaucracy. Allow free enterprise to manage services currently being mismanaged by bureaucracy. America will receive better services at a lower cost. Taxes will go down, services and our economy will improve. Our own retirement would be managed better by mutual funds than politicians. The workers will have more towards retirement and semi-retirement and the freedom to manage their own money.
  4. Eliminate subsidies and tax shelters. Let the consumers and the marketplace determine what should be produced. Do not let politicians manipulate the consumer demands of the people. Make the government smaller so it is less intrusive and less of an economic drain.
  5. Let parents chose to which schools their children and their schooling dollars go. Free market schooling will provide better educations at a better price, and school curriculum and policies that are desired by each individual to suit their own needs.
  6. Eliminate the IRS and tax forms. A sales tax does not require receipts or filing. A sales tax cannot be dodged by those who do not file. A sales tax does not have special interest loopholes and is a more efficient way of collecting taxes. A sales tax puts the government in the same economic "boat" with the citizens. A sales tax allows the people to register a protest of government actions like NAFTA, tax increases, and self-serving or special interest legislation with a consumer boycott. By eliminating the taxes on labor, you encourage more jobs.
  7. Bring our troops home. We do not need to be spending money in foreign economies in order to create enemies around the world. We will have more peace and a better economy. By improving our economy, you reduce welfare and improve our standard of living.
  8. Stop Turning Out Prisoners. Release those in jail convicted of non-violent victimless crimes so there will be space for the violent victim makers to stay in jail for their full punishment. America will gain freedom and become safer.
  9. Repeal gun laws so law abiding citizens can protect themselves from crime and the possible tyrannies of bad government. The rights of the Bill of Rights would be reinstated.
  10. End the War on Drugs. The laws have created the problems. Without the lucrative prices made possible by the laws, there would not be the money for organized crime, gangs, or people stealing to support a habit. Users could get proper, affordable care. Health, safety and freedom will be increased and crime would be decreased. This has already been demonstrated in other countries.
  11. The Republicans and Democrats have represented themselves and their special interests at the expense of the people. Let's not let them do it anymore. Let's replace self and special interest representation of the two major parties with people who will represent the people at less expense with responsible management.


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