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by Richard Hall

Dear Mr. Dasbach,

I refer to the February issue of "Liberty Pledge", page 4, which quotes an LP press release as printed in The Washington Times on January 23rd, with the caption: "They don't care". The crux of the release is contained in the final paragraph: "'Frankly, we're less interested in Bill's wrongs (Clinton's philanderings) than what he's done to the Bill of Rights,' Mr. Dasbach said."

I write to express my strong objections to this press release, as it in no way produces any benefit to the LP, but has great potential for negative perception.

If you want to make the case of the Clinton damage to The Bill of Rights, fine, please do so, but don't mix it in with Clinton's lack of morals. However, by comparing these two wrongs in the same sentence, you have made The Bill of Rights all important while relegating morality to "who cares", a perception the LP must avoid.

Comparing one wrong with the other gives no benefit to the LP, but has obviously given the wrong impression: "We don't care" reads "We don't care about morality" as interpreted by The Washington Times. Of course the LP cares about morality, but you created an area of doubt or debate by belittling the "simple moral or legal issue". Morality and legality are not simple, hence disagreement and mistaken conclusions.

Moreover, many of us are troubled when the so-called "reliable polls" show that as Clinton misbehaves, his ratings go up, reflecting the despicable standards of the voting public, to wit: "Times are great, so who cares if the president is a liar, adulterer, cheater and draft dodger." Unintentionally, the LP Press release places the LP itself in this selfish, shortsighted, dim-witted, immoral, "who cares" category. All this for NO BENEFIT!

It would seem that a new press release might help correct some of the damage already wrought, but this time be more careful and think it through.


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