Controlling the Untied Demon
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Physics students are often told a story about a demon that God let loose on the universe. As the story goes, the demon can tinker and toy with the universe however the demon chooses. This demon does not need God's supervision. God put only one condition on this demon, and God knows that the demon will not cause too much trouble for his creation. This demon is free to change the laws of physics in any way the demon desires. The one condition that God placed on this demon is all that is needed. This one condition assures that the universe will forever be safe from whatever harm this supernatural demon can conjure up.

We have created our own demon.

The demon we created has been let loose on our country. This demon is running amuck and screwing with our laws, just as God's demon is able to do to God's laws in the story. Unlike God's demon, our demon no longer has any conditions imposed on it to assure we will be safe from the harm that this demon conjures up. God's unsupervised yet controlled demon in the story is just a fictitious character. The demon we have created is real. The demon we have created is self-supervised, yet uncontrolled. The demon we have created is causing us undue harm. We must not let this demon continue to cause us harm.

The demon we have created is our own government.

We need to impose the same controlling condition on the demon we have created that God imposed on the demon of the story. The one condition God put on the demon in the story allowed the demon the freedom to exist yet it also assured the safety of the universe. We must also restrict our own demon in such a way that it is free to do what it must, while still assuring the safety of our universe.

What one condition did God put on the demon in the story to accomplish all of this?   In the story, God required that the demon must live with the results of his own tinkering. Whatever the demon did to the universe was also done to the demon. To protect us from harm, we must also demand that such a condition be imposed on our own demon.

To protect us from harm we must insist that our government and its members always be subject to their own rules and regulations. We must no longer allow our government to exempt itself from the laws that are imposed on us.
We must no longer allow our government to insulate itself with tax dollars or political clout from the necessity for solvent management.
We must no longer allow our government to exempt itself from the liabilities caused by its own bad management.
We must not allow our government to create any situation that does not also apply to itself and its members.

We have all seen and experienced the suffering our demon has caused us while exempting itself. To protect ourselves from this demon, we must insist that this demon impose everything on itself that it chooses to impose on us! We must insist that our government and our all our government officials be subject to the same rules, regulations and restraints with which the citizens of this country have to live. Insisting that our own government live by the same conditions it imposes on us is essential if we hope to have a just and non-abusive government.


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