Analysis of National Defense Policy
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by Richard Hall

Did you know:

That during World War II, sixteen million Americans served in uniform, of whom:

400,000 were killed
670,000 were wounded

And world-wide over 10 years:

28,504,000 military personnel were killed
46,403,000 civilians were killed

(Source: Mona Charen commentary in The Washington Times, National Weekly Edition, December 1997)

And did you also know:

The Libertarian Party platform calls for:

American troops to be brought home to America
a stop to our citing every squabble in the world as a threat 10 our national security
keeping our nose out of age-old foreign ethnic hostilities that we can't settle (such as Bosnia and the Middle East)

After witnessing a decade of hapless flirting with the disaster or war, can you say that you have no interest in the Libertarian Party?


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