Generation X: Take Control
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I had one of my co workers (almost retired) tell me that the Libertarians would be blocked from progress as long as the elderly perceived them as a threat to social (in)security. It got me thinking. We always hear that there are "too many elderly voters" and that opposing them would be "political suicide," so I went to the U.S. Census web site and got their population predictions for 1996.

The biggest surprise is that there are potentially 10 million more voters age 34 and below than there are voters 55 and over. I wonder if some of the apathy in the younger voters comes from always being told that they are powerless against the older voters. In fact, exactly the opposite is true. What would the reaction be if suddenly the headlines blared "CENSUS DATA SHOWS GEN-X COULD CONTROL NEXT ELECTION"?

U.S. Census population predictions for 1996
18-24 24627
18-29 43663
18-34 65064
18-39 87556
45+ 87359
50+ 69009
55+ 55134
60+ 43812

Did you know that slightly over 50% of registered voters 18-30 are registered "Independent"?


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