Why Marijuana Prohibition Must End
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  1. Billions of taxpayer's dollars are wasted every year hunting down, arresting, and locking up hundreds of thousands of people for marijuana law violations. These resources could otherwise be used to fight violent crime.
  2. Taking marijuana sales out of the underground economy could generate billions of dollars in tax revenue.
  3. Marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, tobacco, and many over-the-counter medicines. The hypocrisy of imposing criminal penalties for marijuana consumption causes widespread disrespect for the entire criminal justice system.
  4. Marijuana has numerous medicinal uses; in fact, it is one of the safest therapeutically active substances known. Patients with AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, epilepsy, and other ailments have an urgent medical need for marijuana - yet it is illegal for them to use it.
  5. The Legislatures of 36 states have voted in favor of medical access to marijuana, but because of the federal government's blanket prohibition of marijuana, patients in these states are still denied their medicine.
  6. Hemp (marijuana) was cultivated for thousands of years as a source of paper pulp, fiber, fuel, and food--without any reports of "reefer madness." Its cultivation for paper would reduce deforestation, while its other uses would greatly benefit American agriculture and industry.
  7. Consistent laws and policies regarding adult consumption of substances such as alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco would give more credibility to education efforts to prevent teenage drug abuse.
  8. Marijuana is a safer alternative to hard drugs, such as cocaine, and to more dangerous legal drugs, such as alcohol. Cocaine and alcohol use can cause overdose deaths and violent behavior; marijuana does neither.
  9. Marijuana Prohibition makes it easy for the police to steal private property. Forfeiture laws allow police to seize the homes, vehicles, and businesses of individuals involved in certain offenses - such as growing a few marijuana plants.
  10. The extreme measures taken to enforce Marijuana Prohibition have caused an erosion of the Bill of Rights--and therefore chip away at the freedom of all Americans.


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