Political Power
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The people need to exercise their political power. By never exercising their political power, the people and their oppressors get the feeling that the people are totally powerless.

What political power do the people have? The people work and spend to drive the economy. Without workers and the economy, the other powers would lose much of their force. As a show of political power, the people should exercise the power they have.

If people refused to work for a day it would wake up all to the political power of the people. If people did not spend for a day it would wake up all to the political power of the people. If there was a day where people refused to work and also did not spend any money the government would be forced to take notice.

A full blown consumer boycott should get a reaction and maybe even cause the government to represent the people and not their special interests. If the people cut their spending and increased their savings it would send a message. Increased savings would also be a direct benefit to the people. The people could help themselves by spending less and saving more. There is even a patriotic cause for better representation to stimulate you to spend less and save more. What day should we declare to be the day we refuse to work and refuse to spend? How about Sunday? If we would not go to work or shopping on Sundays, we could send a political message that we the people want to be represented, not the special interests.

If we refused to spend except for the absolute necessities and saved our money during the rest of the week, that too would send a political message. Individually, we and our retirement accounts would do better. We have the patriotic cause of honest representation for which to fight. Don't work or spend on Sundays and save your money. Don't spend all your money the rest of the week.

The special interest representatives in government may even decide to represent us some after we become richer. Their special interests will need our spending again and may allow the corrupt of the government to represent the people a little more and them a little less in order to get us spending again. Support the patriotic effort and help yourself to a better future at the same time. Boycott all economic activity on Sundays and save your money. Don't spend it all.


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