Pot in the Paper
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The May 14, 1997 issue of the Florida Today newspaper in Melbourne had an article about 116 marijuana plants found growing in Wickham Park. The article said that the plants would have been worth $120,000 at harvest time. That is over one thousand dollars for each of the weeds.

If you believe the article, you should have concerns regarding the War on Drugs. The laws make a situation where weeds are worth $1,000 each. Organized crime gets one thousand dollars for every weed that it produces. If marijuana were treated like alcohol or tobacco, there would be billions fewer dollars fueling organized crime every year. If marijuana were treated like alcohol or tobacco, there would be billions of dollars annually staying in our visible economy and staying out of the black market.

By categorizing marijuana with all other illegal drugs, the government creates huge and easy profits for organized crime. The organized crime lobby spends lots of money convincing the politicians and the people that marijuana should be treated the same as heroin and not like alcohol or tobacco.

If marijuana were treated like alcohol or tobacco there would be millions of new tax dollars every year. Organized crime would lose billions of dollars of cash flow every year. Our economy would not lose billions of dollars to the black market each year.

Organized crime likes the easy money of crime. By keeping marijuana illegal, we keep organized crime in business. By treating marijuana like alcohol or tobacco, we could remove the criminal element.


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