1998-09-21 ExComm Minutes
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by Luke Setzer

The LPB Executive Committee (ExComm) met at the home of our Secretary, Luke Setzer, at 2819 Dunhill Drive in Cocoa on September 21, 1998. The meeting commenced at 7:00 PM. Members present were Lee McLamb (Chair), David Hobbs (Vice Chair), Luke Setzer (Secretary), and Ross Nordeen (Chair of both the Web Site and Membership Committees).

  1. Officer Reports:
    1. Chair: Lee reported that he has done some research on costs associated with purchasing pro-Revision 11 signs. The next general meeting will solicit requests to purchase and post such signs at legally allowable locations.
    2. Vice-Chair: David Hobbs is working on acquiring LPB tee-shirts for income-generating sales at LPB events.
    3. Treasurer: No report (absent due to death in family).
    4. Secretary: No report.
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Membership: Ross reported that he has updated the database to incorporate the latest information gathered from members and potential members.
    2. Public Relations: No report (absent).
    3. Web Site: Ross reported that the web site continues to improve in both content and appearance.
  3. Monthly LPB Meeting
    1. Preview September Meeting: A brief agenda was laid out by the Chair and Secretary. The ExComm agreed that a standard agenda item for future socials will be to address two "tough topic" items for group discussion. Each items will be granted 15 minutes of discussion time, with each participant limited to two to three minutes to express his opinion on that topic.
    2. Determine Projects for September Meeting: The primary focus of the September meeting will be on the widespread promotion of Revision 11 in October.
  4. Projects and Activities
    1. OPH Booth: Luke Setzer volunteered to find a location to host October's Operation Politically Homeless booth to give David Hobbs more time to set up a tee-shirt sale.
    2. Revision 11: Ross Nordeen checked on local laws governing the placement of campaign signs and will e-mail the ExComm the results of his research. Lee McLamb is still investigating the costs of radio and print advertising. Luke Setzer wrote a project plan to bring Revision 11 campaigning into a reality, and published it on the LPB web site. Luke will also write a pro-Revision 11 article for the online magazine Brevard Guide, where he contributes a regular column.
    3. Adopt-A-Road: The ExComm has agreed not to arrange any trash pick-ups along the LPB's assigned strip of road until the Florida Department of Transportation erects the LPB's signs.
    4. New Projects: No report.
    5. Annual Budget: No report.
    6. LPB Sign Painting: No report.
  5. Open Discussion: The ExComm reviewed some proposed changes to the LPB web site and approved them. Luke Setzer will upload those changes to the web site.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 PM.


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