1998-10-19 ExComm Minutes
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by Luke Setzer

The LPB Executive Committee (ExComm) met at the Central Brevard Library in Cocoa on October 19, 1998. The meeting commenced at 6:00 PM. Members present were Lee McLamb (Chair), David Hobbs (Vice Chair), Luke Setzer (Secretary and Web Site Chair), Ross Nordeen (Membership Chair), and Richard Hall (Editorial Chair). Absent was John Cornett (Treasurer) due to a business trip.

  1. Officer Reports:
    1. Chair: Lee McLamb reported that the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) is providing all its affiliates with free pro-Revision 11 signs, bumper stickers, flyers, and buttons. Lee will retrieve these from a local representative for distribution at the next general LPB meeting. Lee also reported that an LPB financial statement is due to the local county government authority by October 31. The LPB faces a $500 fine if that statement is not filed on time, so Lee will follow up on this matter with the LPB Treasurer.
    2. Vice-Chair: David Hobbs is working on acquiring LPB tee-shirts for income-generating sales at LPB events.
    3. Treasurer: No report (absent).
    4. Secretary: No report.
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Membership: No report.
    2. Public Relations: No report (absent).
    3. Web Site: No report.
    4. Editorial: Richard Hall reported that he may attempt to distribute copies of oneof his pro-Revision 11 Letters to the Editor via Florida Today delivery boxes.
    5. Special Activities: David Hobbs continues preparations for an Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) booth at the Melbourne Cannabis Freedom Festival (CFF) November 21-22.
  3. Monthly LPB Meeting
    1. Determine Projects for October Meeting: The October meeting will be held at Choo Choo's B-B-Q and Lounge October 24 at 6:00 PM. The primary focus of the October meeting will be to promote Revision 11 and distribute the literature necessary to make that happen. Lee will explain (1) what Revision 11 is, (2) rules for posting yard signs, (3) rules for distributing flyers, and (4) how to "Get Out The Vote" (GOTV) by calling local Libertarians via a phone tree. A secondary focus will be to solicit donations to purchase an LPB advertisement on the local Little League sign. The cost is $150 for one season. A tertiary focus will be the recruitment of volunteers to work the CFF OPH booth. Lee and David will explain how to work an OPH booth to those who have never worked one.
  4. Projects and Activities
    1. OPH Booth: Luke Setzer reported that he has given up on his search for a location to conduct an OPH booth in October. He will write a sign-up sheet for the CFF OPH booth to record volunteers at the next general meeting.
    2. Revision 11: Luke Setzer will bring copies of the sign-posting rules to the LPB general meeting.
    3. Adopt-A-Road: Luke Setzer called the local Adopt-A-Road representative, who stated that he will investigate the delay in getting our signs posted.
    4. New Projects: No report.
    5. Annual Budget: No report.
    6. LPB Sign Painting: No report.

Meeting adjourned at 7:20 PM.


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