1999-02-17 ExComm Minutes
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by Luke Setzer

The LPB Executive Committee (ExComm) met at Central Brevard Library in Cocoa on February 17, 1999. The meeting commenced at 6:30 PM. Members present were Lee McLamb (Chair), Luke Setzer (Secretary), Ross Nordeen (Membership Chair), Richard Hall (Media Chair), and David Hobbs (Vice Chair).  Absent was John Cornett (Treasurer).

  1. Officer Reports:
    1. Chair: Lee McLamb reminded us of the upcoming "Platform Presentation" February 25.  He stated that he would open the presentation with an overview of the non-aggression principle.  Lee also requested that ExComm meetings be moved to first and third Wednesdays at Choo Choo's B-B-Q and Lounge in Cocoa.  All the other members seemed friendly to that idea.  Finally, he reported that the upcoming audit may cost substantially more than originally planned.
    2. Vice-Chair: David Hobbs said it was important to start finding Libertarians to fill open slots in local government.  He said he would forward the LPB Webmaster (Luke Setzer) the information about these openings for posting onto the LPB web site.   He also noted that we should call all LPB volunteers and paid members to help with this effort.  He closed by stating that applications submitted to local government for various appointed positions are good for one year.
    3. Treasurer: No report (absent).
    4. Secretary: Luke Setzer said he would contact Steve Snipper of the LP Seminole County for information about less costly auditors.
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Membership: Ross Nordeen continues to update the membership database.
    2. Electoral Victory: The ExComm is still researching filing deadlines and past campaign expenditures to get an idea for what to expect when the LPB prepares to run a candidate for office.
    3. Media: Richard Hall shared more information about obtaining a bulk mail permit for the LPB.  He moved that the LPB purchase the $100 permit.  Luke Setzer seconded the motion, and the motion passed unanimously.  The plan is to increase membership through a huge mailout to all registered Libertarians in Brevard County.   Richard Hall requested printouts of various documents--minutes, newsletters, membership applications--from Luke Setzer to supply to the Post Office as proof of our existence before applying for the permit. The bulk mail postage supports enough per-piece weight to allow us to send:
      1. An envelope
      2. A membership application
      3. A letter from the Chair
      4. A petition for some local issues
      5. A return envelope
  3. Monthly LPB Meeting
    1. Plans for February Meeting: Richard Hall will report on the stupidity of America's foreign wars, while John Cornett will point out the absurdity of anti-gun legislation.
    2. Plans for March Meeting: A volunteer is needed to host the March social.
  4. Projects and Activities
    1. OPH Booth: No report.
    2. Adopt-A-Road: No report.
    3. New Projects: No report.
    4. Annual Budget: No report.
  5. Action Items:
    1. David Hobbs: Provide Luke Setzer with a soft copy of the upcoming campaign vacancies for posting on the LPB web site.
    2. Lee McLamb: Provide John Cornett with info about the upcoming audit and potential auditors.
    3. Ross Nordeen: Generate a recent list of LPB meeting attendees and paid members for local boards.  Scan advisory board lists and forward to David.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.


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