1999-05-19 ExComm Minutes
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by Luke Setzer

The LPB Executive Committee (ExComm) met at The Mediterranean Grill in Cocoa on May 19, 1999. The meeting commenced at 6:00 PM.  Members present were Lee McLamb (Chair), Luke Setzer (Secretary), Ross Nordeen (Membership Chair), Richard Hall (Media Chair), John Cornett (Treasurer) and David Hobbs (Vice Chair).

  1. Officer Reports:
    1. Chair: Lee McLamb reported that a member of the Florida LP will come to Brevard County in June to provide instruction on proper calling techniques for Operation Bootstrap.
    2. Vice-Chair: David Hobbs reported that several people have volunteered to help with petitions for the Home Rule Charter Committee.  He recommended providing a regular update on petition status in the newsletter.  He also suggested that a reference be made in the newsletter to the web site for changing voter registration locally to Libertarian.
    3. Treasurer: John Cornett pointed out that the LPB should definitely participate in the November parade hosted by Satellite Beach.
    4. Secretary: Luke Setzer reported that he is still working on his part for the upcoming "Separation of School and State" presentation.  He contacted Doug Butler of the Space Coast Runners and learned that a generous sponsor is needed to provide the substantial up-front money necessary to make a "Run for Liberty" a success.
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Membership: No report.
    2. Electoral Victory: No report.
    3. Media: No report.
  3. Monthly LPB Meeting
    1. Plans for May Meeting: The May meeting will be held at The Mediterranean Grill in Cocoa.  Lee McLamb will give an opening talk about parents' rights and responsibilities.  Luke Setzer will give the main presentation about "The Separation Solution".  All questions and answers will be postponed until the end of the meeting.  The mission of this meeting will be:
      1. Get non-members to join.
      2. Get all to sign the "Separation of School and State Proclamation".
      3. Pass out extra newsletters.
      4. Pass out LPB brochures.
    2. Plans for June Meeting: The June meeting will be the LPB Annual Business Meeting (ABM).  It will be held at the home of John and Ann Cornett in Melbourne.
  4. Projects and Activities
    1. Charter Petition: David Hobbs continues to work this.
    2. Operation Bootstrap: The LPB has a list of volunteers for this project.
    3. Huge Garage Sale: Another "Huge Garage Sale" needs to happen to replenish the LPB funds.  Target date will be July 17.  Member Rick Roberts is coordinating this effort.
    4. Adopt-A-Road: This will be worked the last Sunday in June.  Volunteers will be solicited at the ABM.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.


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