2000-01-05 ExComm Minutes
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by Luke Setzer

The LPB Executive Committee (ExComm) met at Bagel World in Satellite Beach. The meeting commenced at 6:30 PM.  Members present were Lee McLamb (Chair), Luke Setzer (Secretary), Ross Nordeen (Vice Chair), John Cornett (Treasurer), and Richard Hall (Media Chair).

  1. Officer Reports:
    1. Chair: Lee McLamb reported that he will not run for Chair again.
    2. Vice-Chair: No report.
    3. Treasurer: John Cornett reported that the Supervisor of Elections forbids garage sale income for political parties unless names and other personal information are collected from every buyer.  John had to write a letter of apology to the county government to avoid paying fines.
    4. Secretary: Luke Setzer reported he will not run for Secretary again.  He suggested the LPB may need to disband for lack of interest by the time of the next LPB ExComm election.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.


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