Electoral Victory Committee
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Chair: Open

Members: Robert Wooten

    Electoral Victory Committee Chair Responsibilities

  1. Communicate with all politicians representing your area regarding ballot access
  2. Coordinate candidate campaigns
    1. Ensure Campaign Contract completed
    2. Candidates must be approved by LPF in order to run as Libertarian
  3. Election screening and voter contact
  4. Contact businesses for petitioning approval
  5. Train petitioners and staff
  6. Research the most likely areas and offices in which to run candidates or referendums successfully
  7. Work closely with Media Committee to target proper outlets for press releases


  1. Project: Promote Revision 11 for Ballot Access
    Reach maximum number of Brevard residents as possible with message of what Revision 11 is and why they should vote YES.
    1. Post signs
    2. Post radio advertisements
    3. Post press releases
    4. Post Letters to the Editor
    5. Post newspaper advertisements
    6. Post article in Brevard Guide
    7. Post bumper stickers
    8. Generate list of volunteers
      1. Pledge volunteers
      2. Phone tree pledge solicitation volunteers
    9. Solicit donation or matching funds from benefactor


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