Executive Committee


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The Libertarian Party of Brevard (LPB) Executive Committee (ExComm) is composed of four elected officers plus the appointed chair of each LPB committee.  The primary responsibilities of the ExComm are:

  1. Develop projects (see Project Management page)
  2. Offer direction and organizational assistance to facilitate accomplishing the projects
  3. Handle the daily administrative functions necessary to support the LPB

When taking office, each elected officer must sign an Oath of Office.

The ExComm meets each month as required to fulfill these responsibilities in support of the LPB Mission Statement.  As often as possible, they save time and effort by meeting in their online chat forum.   At the end of each meeting, they update the Action Items page to track roles and responsiblities for tasks to be performed.

Each member of the ExComm is tasked with a variety of responsibilities and projects, which are listed on the respective pages for each officer or committee. Click a position on the organization chart at the top of this page to read more about that position.

As a committee, the ExComm is responsible for planning and implementing a variety of Special Activities to promote the LPB.  It is also responsible for obeying the Governing Documents of the LPB and updating them as required.


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