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The Libertarian Party of Brevard
Volume 1 Issue 8 October 1997
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State ExComm Meeting in Brevard!
Next Meeting:
Liberty in Action
Justice in Brevard?
Sabrin in Debates
Contact Info
OPH at Gunshow
Items of Note

State ExComm Meeting in Brevard!:

The Florida LP's Executive Committee (ExCom) has decided to hold it's next meeting in Brevard. The LPF decision to come here may be in part to show us that our county is important to Florida and that we are showing a good level of activism.

The LPB is taking advantage of this by hosting "Liberty in Action" a one-day seminar which will include the LPF ExCom Meeting. This event will be attended by many Libertarians from around the state and will present a perfect opportunity to cross feed information with the other affiliates and meet people we don't often see.

Liberty in Action will take place 25 October at the Melbourne Comfort Inn. Since the timing of the event is so close to our monthly meeting, the LPB ExCom decided that we would host this event in lieu of our regular monthly meeting. The event will cost $15 and covers a very nice lunch, handouts, and room rental. Any profits will go into the LPB treasury. We are hoping for maximum participation.

The day begins with registration at 8:30 AM and the seminar starts at 9. We will hear news from other affiliates, participate in cross feed sessions, and hear inspirational "fire and brimstone" talks from some of our more famous state members. There will also be some time to present ideas to LPF ExCom.

We will eat lunch at noon--this is a good opportunity to rub elbows with our compatriots from around the state. The LPF Excom Meeting will begin at 1:00 PM. They encourage all party members to attend so that any perceived veil of secrecy on their activities is lifted. This is their business meeting so I can't vouch for the excitement level or how much rank and file interjection is wanted.

Afterwards we will coax everyone out to some nearby "establishment" for some good socializing. Which likely means, Libertarians, alcohol and philosophy. Things don't get better than that!
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Next Meeting: Liberty in Action

Saturday, Oct 25th 8:30 AM
Liberty in Action in Brevard (see above) will take the place of our monthly meeting. It will be at the Melbourne Comfort Inn located at Hwy I-95 and Wickham Rd. The event will cost $15 and covers lunch, handouts, and facility rental. If you intend to come, RSVP at 255-2105 or lpbrevard@aol.com no later than Oct 21st.
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Justice in Brevard?

Apparently not. Glenn Pinfield's battle with Brevard's court system has taken a turn for the worst. Glenn has been fighting a violation of his first amendment rights and has spent most of this year appearing at court to find that his case was being dropped by the assigned judge and/or being rescheduled.

In September the Brevard Courts scheduled two hearings for Mr.Pinfield but failed to notify him or his lawyers. The presiding Judge issued a bench warrant for Glenn's arrest for failure to appear at the two hearings.

When Glenn finally was notified of the bench warrant, he appeared as directed on 22 September only to be arrested at the front door of the court house. He was processed and transferred tothe Sharpes Holding Facility where he was held for eight hours while officials were processing his bail bond.

Following Glenn's arrest, several of Glenn's associates, including Larry Reid, waited in the courtroom for any news from Glenn's lawyers. Judge Atkins called the court to recess and had nearly left the courtroom when he turned to the viewing section and angrily bellowed " did you just take a picture in my courtroom?" The question was directed at Larry Reid who stated that he had not used the camera while the court was in session. The judge ordered Larry Reid before the bench and asked a question using legal terms unfamiliar to this writer.

Mr. Reid politely stated that he did not understand what the judge was asking and could he please explain the meaning of the terms. The Judge interjected, "You're in contempt of court!"

The bailiff cuffed Mr. Reid and removed him from the courtroom as the spectators watched in bewilderment. I was informed by Mr. Pinfield's lawyers that Larry Reid was being taken to the Sharpes Holding Facility where he would be held for 10 days. No hearing required, no bail possible and any appeal would take longerthan 10 days to process.

Glenn will be appearing in court 20 October at 1:00 P.M. Glenn could certainly use all the moral support that you can afford to give. If you haven't seen the Brevard courts in operation, I highly recommend that you show up for an eye opening and frightening lesson in "modern" justice. Glenn can be reached at 728-8152.
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Sabin in Debates!

Murray Sabrin, Libertarian candidate for Governor of New Jersey has made history by being the first non-demopublican to raise sufficient campaign funds to get matching funds and a place in the two debates against the incumbent and her Democratic token opponent. The debates will air on C-SPAN on 21 and 24 October. The Sabrin campaign is looking for additional financial assistance. I'm going to treat the debates as a pay-per-view event and send a small amount to pay for something I really want to see on T.V. -- Christine Todd Whitman touting the values of big government while Murray kicks butt! If you would like to donate you may call 1-800-785-FREE or write: Sabrin for Governor, P.O. Box 10507 New Brunswick NJ 08906-9933. If you give more than $300 dollars aggregate your'e required to report your occupation, employer and employers address. Just for fun you may want to mention that "Jersey" better remember Florida when our time comes!
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Need Info on LPB activities?

Phone: 255-2105
E-Mail: LPBrevard@aol.com
Our Website:
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OPH at Gunshow

We will hold an Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) booth at the Melbourne Auditorium on 26 October. We'll need people to work morning and/or afternoon shifts. This is a perfect time to show gun owners that the Libertarian Party is the one true defender of 2nd Amendment rights. Also we get to troll for new members and registered voters. After the first few applicants come through, the routine is very painless and requires no oratory skills on your part. If you can help, call Dave Hobbs at 452-6902.
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Items of Note:

Four of Constitution Liberty Coalition's proposals made the first cut as possible additions to the Florida Constitution including ballot access and asset forfeiture.

We are considering a party rummage sale as a fund raiser sometime in the near future. If you have items that are you were considering getting rid of that might be of value, please hold on to them for a bit longer and donate them to the party.
Keep a watch on the activities of the Brevard County charter hearings. We will being getting active in that process and will need lots of help to make sure smaller government is the theme heard at all the hearings.
WMEL is looking for people "who are interested in a career in radio." Apparently they're looking for ways of filling empty time slots and may be interested in putting new personalities on the air. This could be the route to another Libertarian talk radio voice in FL.

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