1998-10-05 ExComm Minutes
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by Luke Setzer

The LPB Executive Committee (ExComm) met at the Central Brevard Library in Cocoa on October 5, 1998. The meeting commenced at 7:10 PM. Members present were Lee McLamb (Chair), David Hobbs (Vice Chair), John Cornett (Treasurer), Luke Setzer (Secretary and Web Site Chair), Ross Nordeen (Membership Chair), and Richard Hall (Editorial Chair).

  1. Officer Reports:
    1. Chair: Lee McLamb reported that he received 25 orders for pro-Revision 11 signs at the last general meeting.
    2. Vice-Chair: David Hobbs is working on acquiring LPB tee-shirts for income-generating sales at LPB events.
    3. Treasurer: John Cornett reported that the general fund is dwindling without getting replenished. He cautioned the ExComm not to engage in any lavish projects that could deplete the fund overnight and leave no cash for general administrative expenses.
    4. Secretary: Luke Setzer reported that he continues to update the web site on a regular basis with the latest ExComm minutes.
  2. Committee Reports:
    1. Membership: Ross reported that he has had no luck getting non-ExComm members to volunteer to serve on the Membership Committee. Per the LPB Constitution, the majority of the Membership Committee must be LPB members outside the ExComm, so at the moment, the Membership Committee is involuntarily violating the LPB Constitution.
    2. Public Relations: For now, John Cornett will assume some of these responsibilities. Richard Hall will e-mail John a list of local newspapers that offer free advertising for non-profit groups. (Two that he mentioned were the Bay Bulletin and the Space Coast News.) Luke Setzer will e-mail John a list of radio stations offering similar free services.
    3. Web Site: Luke Setzer has assumed the Chair position of the Web Site Committee from Ross Nordeen so that Ross can focus on his Membership Chair responsibilities. Ross revealed that the LPB could purchase a dedicated domain name (lpbrevard.org) for two years for $70. After some discussion, the ExComm approved the purchase unanimously. Ross will work with Geocities, the LPB's current web site host, to reserve the name. Ross has also sent out a "World's Smallest Political Quiz" to numerous local candidates in the hope that those candidates will complete and return the quizzes so that we can post the results onto our web site "Voter's Guide".
    4. Editorial: Richard Hall has generously assumed the Chair position of the Editorial Committee to free Luke Setzer to focus on his other ExComm duties.  As one of the LPB's most successful letter-writers, he suited the job perfectly.
    5. Special Activities: David Hobbs reported that an Operation Politically Homeless (OPH) booth will be set up at the Melbourne Cannabis Freedom Festival (CFF) November 21-22. The LPB is not being charged for this access. In exchange for the CFF's generosity, the ExComm approved the purchase of an LPB advertisement in the CFF general program flyer for $35.
  3. Monthly LPB Meeting
    1. Review September Meeting: The turnout at the September general meeting was lower than expected, probably due to the threat of a hurricane the previous week. David Hobbs reported some very positive feedback from the guests who did attend. The "tough topics" session covered public nudity and zoning laws, with interesting solutions offered from the Libertarian perspective.
    2. Determine Projects for October Meeting: The October meeting will be held at Choo Choo's B-B-Q and Lounge October 24 at 6:00 PM. Luke Setzer will make the reservations. The primary focus of the October meeting will be to solicit donations to purchase an LPB advertisement on the local Little League sign. The cost is $150 for one season.
  4. Projects and Activities
    1. OPH Booth: Luke Setzer stated that the Cocoa Village Craft Fair will not allow politically-oriented booths. He is still searching for an acceptable OPH location for October.
    2. Revision 11: Ross Nordeen checked on local laws governing the placement of campaign signs. The web site detailing those laws has been added to the LPB Links page. Luke Setzer wrote a pro-Revision 11 article that will be published in both the online magazine Brevard Guide and the local Mensa newsletter. Richard Hall passed out copies of his pro-Revision 11 letter published in Florida Today to allow the ExComm to make copies and distribute to neighbors. The LP Florida pro-Revision 11 banner will be added to the LPB main page.
    3. Adopt-A-Road: The ExComm has agreed not to arrange any trash pick-ups along the LPB's assigned strip of road until the Florida Department of Transportation erects the LPB's signs.
    4. New Projects: No report.
    5. Annual Budget: No report.
    6. LPB Sign Painting: No report.
  5. Open Discussion: Richard Hall briefly mentioned that the Libertarian message occasionally becomes muddled with excessive intellectual discussion and fails to cut to the heart of human issues. The "major parties" have continually enjoyed success using children as a "political commodity" in order to justify welfare, public education, etc. He stated that an excellent way to leverage LP success on this strategy would be to focus on the risks "our children" face in fighting an overseas war brought on by constant American meddling in 100 foreign nations. This focus could help to drive home the LP policy of using American troops only to guard American soil, not foreign soil.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM.


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