Daytona CRC Hearing OPH Booth
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by David Hobbs

(Left to Right) Glen Pinfield, Larry Ried,
Ross Nordeen, Mark Gibb, David Hobbs, Greg Gill

On September 5th, 1997, the LPB set up its first OPH Booth in Daytona Beach at Daytona Beach Community College (DBCC) during the CRC Hearings. We talked with hundreds of people, tested 35, and had 15 individuals submit information cards requesting additional info.  Throughout the day, we had the opportunity to meet many of Florida's elected  officials and bureaucrats.  They were interested in discussing Libertarian philosophy, but unanimously agreed they were all doing a very good job in Tallahassee.  The fact that we were organized and active seemed to impress them.

On October 26, 1997, we held an OPH at the Melbourne Gun Show.  We only supported the show on Sunday due to the Liberty in Action seminar (see the Newsletters page, November 1997). There was a mixed reaction from the crowd at the gun show. While many of the attendees weren't interested in talking politics, the ones that did were quite responsive. We tested sixty people and came back with nine names and addresses of people wanting additional Libertarian information.

The OPH at the Melbourne Cannabis Freedom Festival, Nov 22 & 23, was a big success.  We tested a bunch of people and found an overwhelming majority of them to be Libertarian. Sixty-five people submitted their names and addresses requesting additional Libertarian information. We want to thank Jodi and the other Festival organizers for their generous support. Also thanks to Ross, Luke, Ed, John, Carol, Wayne, Lee, Brian, and Mark for helping man the booth.

The committee is discussing many fund-raising ideas, including a garage sale, sale of T-shirts and bumper stickers, and possibly a spaghetti dinner.  If you have any ideas, please let the committee know.

I'm anxious to get our T-shirts produced.  Hopefully, we can have them ready for the new year.

Have a Merry Christmas. To all the Special Activities Committee members: We'll get busy right after the New Year!


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