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Currently Elected Treasurer: Wayne Harley

Responsibilities: Listed in the By-Laws

Other Responsibilities:
Develop and coordinate projects for revenue generation


  1. Project: Organize a Garage Sale: Garage Sale Guidelines
  2. Project: Organize a Phone Tree Solicitation for Purposeful Donations
  3. Project: Organize an LPB T-Shirt Sale
  4. Project: Solicit Ideas from Judy Hobbs
  5. Project: Develop Plan to Finance Newsletters Fully in 1999
    1. Write table of cost estimates

      Quantity of Newsletters per Month for Bulk Mail Rate:


      Double-sided pages (1 ea):

      $ 0.085

      Postage per piece:

      $ 0.142


      $ 0.227


      $ 45.40

    2. Fitting at least two business-card sized ads at $20 per month per ad would almost totally finance 200 hard-copy newsletters per month


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